Oregon Oregon Supreme Court says the state improperly shut the public out of deciding where to place energy facilities 4 Aug
California Decision bypasses Campo’s tribal regulations and land use planning protections: Legal challenges are in the works 9 Apr
Kansas Crawford County may soon approve wind farm project 8 Apr
Rhode Island Former R.I. lawmaker mired in battle over ‘tunnel muck’ 7 Apr
USA Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island New England fishing groups wary of rapid offshore wind development plans 7 Apr
Iowa Faulty blades replaced at Glaciers Edge wind farm (part 1) 6 Apr
USA COVID-19 threatens tax credits for billions in sun, wind energy projects 6 Apr
UK Scotland's wind power growth at a standstill 6 Apr
Kansas Kansas justices strike down electricity rate hikes on green energy producers 3 Apr
Germany German government defeats plan to abolish fines for wind power projects 2 Apr
USA What the renewables industry wants from the next stimulus bill 2 Apr
Africa Eskom tells country's wind farmers to stop producing electricity 2 Apr
Ireland Fire fighters save electricity sub-station as blaze sweeps through wind farm and forest 1 Apr
Europe Germany Denmark Wind turbine firms close Spanish factories as coronavirus restrictions tighten 1 Apr
Asia Solar, wind and hydro projects are threatening key wildlife habitats in Southeast Asia, India 31 Mar
USA Left-behind industries clamor for billions in next stimulus bill 31 Mar
Europe Germany Germany’s maxed-out grid is causing trouble across Europe 31 Mar
California Santa Barbara County supervisors deny appeal of Lompoc-area wind project design 31 Mar
New York Andrew Cuomo’s bid to ram industrial wind, solar plants down locals’ throats 30 Mar
Nebraska Solar energy concerns Hanover residents 30 Mar
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