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Latest News and Posts

Rhode Island Haliade turbine down for repairs at Block Island 2 Dec
Ohio Kasich no fan of proposal weakening clean-energy standards 1 Dec
UK Wind power firm collapses putting 45 jobs at risk 1 Dec
New Hampshire Researchers Warn of Ice-Throw Danger From Wind Turbines at Balsams 30 Nov
Indiana County officials need to be aware of perception 30 Nov
USA ALEC members survey new energy outlook 28 Nov
USA New York Congressman Chris Collins introduces legislation to blow back wind turbines 29 Nov
New York Hydropower, wind owners urge subsidies under New York's clean energy plan 29 Nov
USA Solar, wind industries hope years courting Republicans pays off under Trump 29 Nov
Michigan Sand Beach supervisor disagrees with wind petition tactics 29 Nov
Germany German energy transition no model for other countries 28 Nov
USA Europe Wind feels the heat as solar turns the screw on cost 28 Nov
Vermont Vermont’s all-renewable claims based on uneven RECs market 28 Nov
Europe One wind turbine kills up to 29 birds a year 28 Nov
Ontario High hydro costs sending Ontarians to food banks, report says 28 Nov
Ontario Hydro rates the most important issue for Ontarians: poll 27 Nov
Michigan Ellington enacts one-year moratorium on wind turbines; Almer could be next 26 Nov
Michigan Police incident raises questions over wind energy company’s ‘good neighbor’ claims 26 Nov
South Dakota Lincoln commissioners dash wind farm hopes 23 Nov
Oklahoma Senator Mazzei’s report blasts state wind farm credits 24 Nov
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