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Latest News and Posts

Europe 'Beastly' windmill project that 'will endanger animal lives and the environment' is universally slammed on Spain’s Costa Blanca 24 Jan
Kansas NextEra renews interest in Republic County wind farm 25 Jan
Maine Aiming to ease fishing industry’s concerns, Mills proposes moratorium on offshore wind 25 Jan
Massachusetts Wind turbine budget recommended, Disposition process ongoing 22 Jan
Wyoming New studies show pronghorn avoid wind turbines 24 Jan
Germany Red kite stops wind turbines 20 Jan
New York Borrello argues against freshwater wind turbines 25 Jan
UK Ancient burial site row 'not our issue' says Infrastructure Department 21 Jan
Germany Ideology in the Official Journal 20 Jan
New Jersey New Jersey anglers air concerns that wind farms will negatively impact fishing 16 Jan
North Carolina Some green solutions create new problems of their own 17 Jan
Europe Sámi reindeer herders file lawsuit against Norway windfarm 18 Jan
Leading Edge Erosion: A big problem for wind turbine operators 17 Jan
Colorado Xcel Energy paying $41M to get out of Colorado solar power experiment 15 Jan
UK Is there a dark side to green energy? 16 Jan
Iowa Wind farm clears permits, concerns emerge 16 Jan
Maine Controversial power project gets final permit, but CMP may have to wait for construction to start 15 Jan
Nebraska Gage County extends ban on new wind or solar permits, through mid-July 13 Jan
Nebraska Gordon senator introduces bill that makes it harder for power districts to build long transmission lines 14 Jan
Nebraska Rural Panhandle senators set priorities as the session kicks off 16 Jan
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