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  • About The WindAction Group

    Industrial Wind Action Group Corp ("The WindAction Group") was formed to counteract the misleading information promulgated by the wind energy industry and various environmental groups. Support for this effort comes from a large and diversified group of environmentalists, energy experts, and ordinary citizens.

    The rapid growth of industrial wind energy has been fostered by federal and state policies that, while well intentioned, fail to reflect wind energy's limitations as an energy source, its ineffectiveness in reducing emissions, and its impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life.

    WindAction stands ready to assist communities threatened with industrial wind energy projects by providing residents, as well as government officials, the information to make informed decisions.

    The WindAction Group:

    • Exposes the impacts of industrial wind energy on our environment, economy and quality of life through fact-based analyses;
    • Assists communities threatened with unwanted industrialization;
    • Advises officials at the federal, state and local levels regarding wind energy policy to counteract misleading information from the wind energy industry and some environmental groups.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Since our founding in 2006, WindAction has been asked to provide information on who we are and how we're funded. So that we can more efficiently and conveniently respond, we have compiled answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you seek further information, please do contact us

    Is WindAction funded by the fossil fuel industry, nuclear power industry or other renewable energy groups?

    No. WindAction is not funded in any way by others in the energy industry including coal, natural gas, nuclear power, or other renewable energy resources; nor are we affiliated with large political activists groups. Support for our efforts is entirely grass roots, coming from diversified environmentalists, energy experts, and ordinary citizens who share our concerns about industrial wind energy development.

    Where does your funding come from?

    WindAction welcomes donations from individuals and organizations that wish to support our efforts in raising awareness about the impacts of industrial wind energy development. We are a volunteer group with no paid staff. Any donations we receive go directly to defraying WindAction expenses including maintenance of our website and extensive database.

    Do you oppose all wind energy development?

    No. There is a place for generation powered by wind. However, such development must be properly sited and provide sufficient, verifiable benefit -- benefits that can justify any qualitative and quantitative environmental, economic, health, and societal impacts. We believe that wind energy developers must comply with environmental standards, laws, rules, and regulations as must other developers in the energy and construction industries.

    Do you oppose renewable generation?

    No. Our focus is mainly on the policies, deployment, and impacts of industrial-scale wind development. However, since many of the same policies that drive wind energy development also enable other forms of renewable generation including solar, biomass, and geothermal, The WindAction Group is familiar with these resources and has commented on the economics of the renewables industry. As a general rule, we object to energy subsidies, preferring to let the principles of the free market prevail. The public is far better served when industries compete for market share and profits rather than fight for political favoritism and handouts.

  • Content on the WindAction.org Site

    The windaction.org database contains over 35,500 items selectively culled from sources all over the world since 2006.

    It is important that our visitors have confidence that content from windaction.org stands up under scrutiny. Each posting has been carefully reviewed for accuracy and credibility, and as much as possible, brings something new to the debate.

    When a news event spurs multiple articles, we do not simply post every write-up. Each article is reviewed and usually the best single article for that news is selected.

    Opinion pieces, letters, and documents meet our strict editorial guidelines. Only those that are well written by informed and experienced authors are selected.

    If you have any questions regarding an item on the site, or if you are having difficulty locating a particular resource, please e-mail us

  • About Lisa Linowes

    Ms. Linowes is an expert on the impacts of industrial-scale wind energy development on the natural environment, communities, and the regional grid systems. A conservation and land use advocate with over 20 years of executive business experience, Ms. Linowes has held high-profile elected and volunteer positions in community planning, land negotiation, and education outreach.

    Since its formation in 2006, Ms. Linowes has served as Executive Director and spokesperson for The WindAction Group, a national advocacy focused on the impact/benefits analysis and policy issues associated with industrial wind energy development. As publisher and editor of the www.WindAction.org website, she tracks news and research pertaining to industrial wind, and facilitates information sharing on the issue.

    Ms. Linowes has presented and debated wind energy issues at numerous venues across the United States including the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), Society of Environmental Journalists, and the Boston Museum of Science lecture series. She has appeared on CNN, NPR, and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, as well as in the New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and dozens of smaller newspapers across the nation.

    Ms. Linowes served as a member of the New Hampshire State Wind Energy Facility Siting Guidelines Working Group to determine guidelines for the siting of land-based wind turbines. The committee was focused on minimizing and avoiding impacts of large-scale wind development on wildlife and sensitive habitat areas. Ms. Linowes has been an active participant in the ISO-New England’s Scenario Planning Process to determine regional energy requirements to meet growing demand in the region.

    At the local level, Ms. Linowes has been an active member of planning boards and conservation commissions for over ten years, having reviewed hundreds of development plans including wind energy facilities, large subdivisions, office buildings, and shopping complexes. She has led numerous seminars on land use issues and the impact of such development on sensitive land areas. Ms. Linowes also served on the Board of Directors of the NH Association of Conservation Commissions, and was awarded a NH Coverts Cooperator for promoting wildlife habitats conservation and forest stewardship.

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