Wind farms affecting weather radars

Warning people when dangerous weather strikes is vital to save lives. The National Weather Service responsible for sending out those messages says a proposed wind farm project could cause confusion when reading the weather radar. A wind farm affects a forecast by having radar beams hit the spinning blades, bounce back and make it look like it's raining all the time. 
22 Oct 2014

Bill proposes adding wind industry to 'Right to Farm' Act

“This is the most reckless wind energy proposal I have ever seen ...Rep. Irwin's bill would grant carte blanche siting freedom to utility scale wind developers. Township and county governments would be totally neutered with respect to enacting any regulations to protect their local environment, endangered species or their rural citizens.”
20 Oct 2014

FAA ruling could still wind farm plans

The FAA has determined that the giant wind turbines needed to harness wind power would interfere with radar used by air traffic controllers at Erie International Airport. The FAA therefore denied the developer's request to extend an earlier FAA determination that the turbines would not interfere with aviation.
20 Oct 2014

Judge denies Consumers on 2 wind trial motions; trial begins Monday

Consumers Energy will defend its Lake Winds Energy Park in 51st Circuit Court starting Monday. ...Attorneys Richard Wilson and Adam Smith will present Consumers’ defense to a six-person jury to be selected Monday morning. Judge Richard C. Cooper explained that the defendants will go forth two by two in part because in conferring with a judge who was set to hear a similar case in the Thumb that it seemed to be the most logical way to proceed. 
18 Oct 2014

GMP fined for Lowell noise

Board member John Burke disagreed with colleagues James Volz and Margaret Cheney on the fine. "I would have preferred a substantial fine be imposed on GMP and would not have ordered the continuous monitoring," Burke said in a dissent. "While the only winner then would have been the state's general fund, all the parties would begin to realize that working on noise issues is important and that more is gained by working together than by the 'my way or the highway' attitude that appears to have prevailed here."
18 Oct 2014

Austin plan for renewable energy at odds with utility

But the city-owned utility, Austin Energy, has balked at the council’s proposal and said it would be too expensive for ratepayers. And since then, a debate has ensued over how to be politically progressive and economically practical at the same time. ...“It’s good to have aspirations except if the aspirations are so far afield that they are simply going to be ignored.”
17 Oct 2014
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