March of the wind farm as turbine applications soar

‘The last thing Scottish ministers want to know is how many turbines have been imposed on the country. If they did, they would have to tell the Scottish people and they couldn’t blame Westminster as planning is fully devolved. ‘They would also have to stop dodging key policy questions like how many turbines do we need, how many can we afford and how many can our landscape and communities take.
27 Apr 2015

Wind panel flows with opposing views

Save Ontario Shores President John Riggi and Great Lakes Wind Truth Founding Member Suzanne Albright said uncertainty about health, environmental and economic impacts will remain until the project is either in the ground or buried. “You will hear (from Apex) how there aren’t any impacts, and we’ll talk about how there are,” Riggi said. “The challenge is whether you really want to take that risk with your health, your property values, and your children’s health?”
25 Apr 2015

USU business professor hits back at Newsweek over wind power op-ed

The kerfuffle began when an op-ed writted by Randy Simmons, an economics and finance professor for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business ran in the April 11 edition of Newsweek after first being published by The Conversation, an international global publishing platform. ...Simmons has written a slew of columns over the years online and in various publications. “I do the same kind of research that I’ve been doing for 35 years, and it appears to me what wind is all about in many cases is farming subsidies from the government, which is something economists call ‘rent-seeking.’” 
24 Apr 2015

Dominion: Offshore wind turbines too expensive

Dominion is putting the brakes on a plan to erect two test wind turbines off the coast of Virginia Beach because the project, as it stands now, is too expensive, according to the company. Dominion had estimated that building the two 500-foot turbines would cost about $230 million, but the only complete bid for the work came back at between $375 million and $400 million, said David Botkins, a company spokesman.
24 Apr 2015

Huge Pwllheli wind turbine plan to be blocked

A report to Gwynedd Council’s planning committee recommends refusing the application as officials believe erecting the turbine, would have a detrimental impact on the historic character of the landscape and on views across the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
24 Apr 2015

Mo. bill would prevent private transmission lines from using eminent domain

The legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives, H.B. 1027, would prevent any electric transmission project from using the power of eminent domain if, among other provisions, the line "is constructed entirely with private funds and users of the line pay for the transmission line."  The sponsor of the legislation, state Rep. Jim Hansen, said he came up with the idea after residents expressed fears of their private property being seized. ...The staff of the PSC last year recommended that the commission reject approval of the line because Clean Line had allegedly not proved that the line was needed.
22 Apr 2015

Nebraska renewable energy tax credit bill sparks debate

But opponents questioned whether the state would see a direct benefit from such projects. Sen. Paul Schumacher of Columbus criticized the proposed use of transferable tax credits for wind farms. The transferable credits could be sold other companies at a discount, allowing the wind company to generate cash while the purchasing company lowers its tax liability. Schumacher submitted an amendment that would allow companies to sell their tax credits at only a maximum 3 percent discount.
22 Apr 2015

Failure by windfarm contractors to live up to assurances leaves farmer fuming

The arrival of K2 Wind into the Township has had an ongoing impact on my productivity as a farmer. Roads blocked for construction have prevented access to fields and held my workers and me up on an ongoing basis. This plays havoc with schedules and pushes back important things like planting dates which affect crop yields. Then there is the time lost when I have had to deal with situations where K2 Wind and its contractors have disregarded private property rights by trespassing, breach of bio-security measures, use of toxic cement dust on laneways, blowing/pushing snow and sand onto private land, and disregarding/damaging our private infrastructure like drainage and lanes.
22 Apr 2015

Tax Agency uncovers alleged wind farm payoff scheme in Castilla y León

Private renewable energy firms may have paid more than €110 million in commissions to government officials and local businessmen in Castilla y León to help them obtain licenses and push through paperwork to install wind farms across the region between 2004 and 2007, tax inspectors said. In a December 30 report obtained by EL PAÍS, seven transactions detail how energy firms paid local businessmen and people connected to the regional Popular Party (PP) government either directly or through stocks in companies created to build and operate wind farms.
22 Apr 2015

€110m wind fraud uncovered in Spain

Hacienda detected commissions in the authorization of wind farms. The Tax Office alleges a plot of 110 million in Castilla y León. Charges and related regional builders streamlined procedures after payments. ...The inspector of the Tax Agency concludes in his report since his purpose is to investigate the outstanding tax debts, additional findings may indicate "evidence of money laundering". He is sending his findings to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and Prevention Service Money Laundering Economy Ministry to "continue the investigation".
22 Apr 2015

Wind farm opponents organize

A group fighting the development of a 110-turbine wind farm was organized April 14 with 40 members. Early this week, the Bohemian Alps Wind Watchers counted more than 100 area landowners and residents who hope they can halt the Jubilee Wind Farm Project proposed by NEXTera Energy, LLC, before it gets a foothold, said John Stanner, one of the organizers.
21 Apr 2015

Anger as wind farm inquiry hit by delay

An independent Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government postponed a hearing on how the development would impact on birdlife until June because of a procedural matter. RSPB Scotland, which has objected to the 39-turbine development at Strathy South in the Flow Country of Sutherland, accused Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) of causing the delay by changing paperwork.
21 Apr 2015
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