German utilities bail out electric grid at wind’s mercy

Twenty power companies including Germany’s biggest utilities, EON SE and RWE AG, now get fees for pledging to add or cut electricity within seconds to keep the power system stable, double the number in September, according to data from the nation’s four grid operators. Utilities that sign up to the 800 million-euro ($1.1 billion) balancing market can be paid as much as 400 times wholesale electricity prices, the data show.
25 Jul 2014

2 supervisors oppose giant wind project

Supervisors James Ramos and Robert A. Lovingood submitted a joint letter to the Bureau of Land Management on Thursday strongly opposing the North Peak Wind Project planned for 16.4 square miles of mountain ridges overlooking much of the Victor Valley.
25 Jul 2014

Conservationists, wind-farm advocates clash over eagle safety

Environmentalist groups don’t just oppose the 30-year permits — they want the entire permitting process overhauled. He said that the permits should be mandatory, not voluntary, and that wind companies should be required to report publicly all eagle mortalities. Wind industry advocates argue that the 30-year permit provides more stability for investors who supply the essential upfront capital.
25 Jul 2014

Why Oklahoma’s wind energy future could be shaped by Osage County

The little tallgrass prairie that remains in Oklahoma has survived because it’s rocky and elevated above the plain, which, historically, made it hard for farmers to plow. But that elevation has attracted interest from wind developers, which is why Hamilton says the Conservancy is fighting to keep TradeWind Energy’s 16,000-acre Mustang Run project from breaking ground near the preserve.
24 Jul 2014

PUC approves giant wind deal — again

Alan Stone, attorney for appellant the Houlton Water Co., said the two commissioners who approved the deal had not followed the direction set by the Supreme Judicial Court. “We don’t believe that what the commission did today really addressed the issues” raised by the court, said Stone.
23 Jul 2014

Iberdrola Spanish pain continues

Net profits at Spanish energy giant Iberdrola fell 13% to €1.5bn ($2bn) in the first half of 2014, as the world’s largest wind-power operator continued to be hit by regulatory changes in its domestic market.
23 Jul 2014

Wind farm tax credits warrant deeper look

Wind power companies suing the United States for $226 million in renewable-energy tax credits must allow Uncle Sam to determine rebate amounts through discovery, a federal judge held. Twenty Alta Wind farms owned by nonparty Terra-Gen Power, LLC have sued the United States since last year over unpaid tax credits and cash grants allegedly promised under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
23 Jul 2014

Mikulski pushes to delay Somerset wind turbines

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was among several lawmakers who last week suggested changes to the Senate version of the defense spending bill. Mikulski’s changes, if implemented would prevent the Navy from entering into an agreement with Pioneer Green until further study could be complete.
23 Jul 2014

Investigation launched into hydraulic oil leaks at Ocotillo Wind Facility

Residents have documented oil leaks at over 40% of all turbines on the project. “We [Department of Toxic Substances Control with the California Environmental Protection Agency ] have directed OWE to remove the contamination containing used oil and handle it as hazardous waste. We also asked OWE for an explanation as to why the oil is being released, and to remove any additional oil as it is discovered.”
22 Jul 2014

Settlement reached between Groton Wind and state AG's office

The Spanish company that built the 24-turbine Groton Wind facility has reached a settlement agreement with the Attorney General’s office that resolves the plant’s issues with the Attorney General, and required the plant owners to pay $150,000 to the ongoing Livermore Falls protection and enhancement project in area towns.
22 Jul 2014

Analysis: Texas considers passing on transmission costs

Nelson is pushing hard for the re-assessment. She has in the past criticised the wind production tax credit (PTC), even although it is a federal policy and not in her purview. A proportion of her three-page memo was about the PTC. It stated: "The federal [PTC] distorts wholesale electric markets... While this commission has no ability to change what Congress does, we do have an obligation to Texans to periodically review whether our rules appropriately assign cost to those who cause those costs."
22 Jul 2014
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