Estimating the extent of fatal bird collisions with wind turbines

It remains largely unknown exactly which bird species are being impacted by collisions with wind turbines. This is even more frustrating in light of the recent controversial ruling on bald and golden eagles. At the moment, if the US Department of Energy achieves its goal of generating 20% of total energy from wind power, then it is estimated that at least 1.4 million birds will be killed annually, but we have no idea which species will be affected the most.
11 Dec 2015

Councillors urged to reject Woolfox wind farm plans

The plans have attracted strong local opposition, and planning officers seem to have taken the views of the objectors on board. They have recommended that councillors refuse to grant planning permission because of the impact the turbines would have on the landscape and local heritage.
1 Dec 2015

Wind power as a form of “green energy” is far from green

There are many reasons why wind power has fallen into disrepute. It is not the most reliable source of electricity. Turbines are only 30 per cent efficient at best and they must be taken offline in adverse weather conditions, which  cause malfunctions. At one wind farm in Britain,  diesel-powered generators are on standby to cut in when the turbines are shut down.
30 Nov 2015

Luzerne County Court denies appeal for wind farm

In his ruling, issued Nov. 18, Judge William H. Amesbury wrote that the court “finds neither an abuse of discretion nor error of law” by the zoning hearing board in its denial of the special exception permit. EDF applied for the special exception in January 2014 to allow a wind farm with turbines, associated roads, cables and a substation.
28 Nov 2015

Canadian company buys WV wind project for $200 million

A Fortune 500 Canadian energy company recently bought a long-delayed Grant County wind farm, paying $200 million for the project, which they hope will be up and running in a year. Enbridge, a Calgary, Alberta-based pipeline and energy company, announced Wednesday that it bought the New Creek Wind Project and plans to have the 49-turbine farm in operation in December 2016.
27 Nov 2015

Turbine appeals hearing sparks heated discussion

Emotion drove comments at a Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on an appeal by wind turbine neighbors on Thursday evening. As with the first, the second meeting addressing appeals of the building commissioner’s lack of enforcement against the Wind 2 turbine drew a full audience. ...Mr. Senie said that the Supreme Judicial Court’s decision relating to special permitting for Wind 1 applied equally to the second turbine. ...the town could have requested a different determination for Wind 2 ...but no such request was made.
27 Nov 2015

Montney residents oppose wind farm proposal

About 130 people crammed into Montney Recreational Hall this week to voice their concerns. Montney resident Delbert Benterud organized the emotionally-charged public meeting as a platform for neighbours to come together and express opinions on the project, which were by and large voices of opposition. “We’re going to see these things all over the whole valley,” said Lorna Wollen, who lives in the property next to the proposed turbines.
27 Nov 2015

Apex files Lighthouse Wind plans

The Virginia-based company, through its subsidiary Lighthouse Wind, on Monday formally filed its preliminary scoping statement to the state’s Public Service Commission for a proposed 201-megawatt wind turbine network in Yates and Somerset.
27 Nov 2015

Blowing in the wind or wilful blindness?

The_oban_times_26nov2015_thumb Scottish Government denials of adverse impacts upon tourism and visitor numbers, evidence of people suffering harm and of plummeting property prices, show an inability to accept that in reality all those things are happening. ‘Wilful blindness’ is an apt description of the status quo. Unbiased politicians unafraid to depart from party lines are few. If any exist with a capacity for serious research, will they please step forward to assist colleagues who don’t.
26 Nov 2015

Connecticut regulators tentatively approve UI-Iberdrola deal, with conditions

Connecticut utility regulators have given tentative approval to the $3 billion acquisition of New Haven-based UIL Holdings Corp. by Spanish energy giant Iberdrola. The state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority issued its 45-page ruling Tuesday with numerous conditions that Iberdola must meet as a requirement for approval. A final decision on the merger by PURA is scheduled for Dec. 9.
26 Nov 2015

Infrasound emissions from wind turbines have adverse health effects

Tv-ky_news_release_nov_2015_thumb The need for a survey conducted by the TV-KY Association arose when a growing number of residents in areas located near wind farms started to report health problems, some of which were serious. The measurements showed that the rapidly changing low frequency noise and infrasound caused by wind turbines can indeed be measured inside Finnish homes.
26 Nov 2015

US data indicates power sector CO2 emissions down 15.6% since 2007

By 2012 total US CO2 emissions had fallen to the lowest level since 1994, declining to 5.226 billion mt. In five years, annual emissions had fallen 774 million mt, or 12.8%, from the 2007 level. That compared to a 15% increase it global annual output of CO2, which the European Commission said totaled 34.5 billion mt in 2012. The US’ share of the global total had fallen to 15.1% in 2012.
26 Nov 2015

Autumn Statement: Government cuts green schemes

He said the move would lower customer bills, saving an average of £30 a year for 24m households. But it is also the latest sign that he is prioritising affordability over attempts to cut emissions. ...The decision to cut the scheme, known as the “energy company obligation”, was one of a series of measures announced by the chancellor aimed at reducing the costs of the government’s renewable energy schemes.
26 Nov 2015
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