US renewables industry seeks tax breaks to compete with gas

Although the cost of renewable energy was still falling, wind and solar power faced competition from unexpectedly cheap gas-fired generation. US natural gas prices have dropped from more than $12 per million British thermal units in 2008 to less than $2.80 today, and the futures market puts the price at less than $4.50 per mBTU as far out as 2025.
5 Jul 2015

Another reason to just say “No”

Much of the scenic beauty for which Maine is so widely known will be despoiled. The stated 2,700-Megawatt goal of Maine’s Wind Energy Act would require as many as 1,500 wind turbines, each hundreds of feet tall, with accompanying access roads and new transmission lines, on up to 300 miles of Maine’s hills and mountains. Those transmission lines, to carry the electricity that could be provided by a single, high-quality conventional generator, will add billions of dollars to New England electric bills.
4 Jul 2015

Regulators scuttle $3B merger of Iberdrola, UIL Holdings

Addressing a list of public benefits that Iberdrola outlined later in the merger proceeding, regulators called many of them "polite gestures" but overall insignificant compared to the size of the merger. The "list of additional conditions, separately and in total, are too little and too late. They are unquantifiable, have assigned values of zero and do not offer sufficient benefit for ratepayers."
1 Jul 2015

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds PSC's wind farms ruling

In a 5-2 decision, the court upheld lower court rulings that determined a housing impact report did not need to be prepared before the PSC submitted its wind tower siting rules to the Legislature. State law requires agencies to prepare reports for any agency rules that "directly or substantially" affect development, construction or cost of housing.
30 Jun 2015

PSC hears testimony on proposed wind farm

"We're asking the Public Service Commission to give us some leeway in terms of siting 59 sites. Those would accommodate six different kinds of turbines so we haven't specified in our application which of those six we would use. We want to leave that up to the potential off-taker and more importantly, the guys that have the turbines that are in this IRS safe harbor."
29 Jun 2015

Real concerns about turbines left blowing in the wind

After receiving evidence from more than 500 people, the Senate inquiry, chaired by John Madigan, this month released an interim report recommending urgent steps to improve scientific knowledge about the health effects of wind turbines. This includes the creation of an independent expert scientific committee on industrial sound to provide research and advice to the Environment Minister on the impact on human health of audible noise (including low frequency) and infrasound from wind turbines.
27 Jun 2015

Duke Energy: Looking for Payback

“Duncan’s wholesale attack on birds came out of the blue,” says David Yarnold, Audubon president and CEO. “Based on our sources and the documents we’ve seen, we see this as straight-up corporate payback. Duke has a history of stumbling into controversy, and it appears they’ve done it again.”
26 Jun 2015

Independence Wind Turbine: Kingston Wind Independence LLC reacts to results

It’s looking more likely that the Board of Health will have a vote in July or August on placing further restrictions on operations of the Independence wind turbine.  ...Board of Health Chairman Bill Watson said the order could be amended by lowering the threshold that needs to be met for the turbine to be shut down or by extending the hours when it must be shut down.
26 Jun 2015

Councillors reject windfarm met mast plans above Loch Ness

Council leader Margaret Davidson led calls to reject the plans, raising concern about its “inappropriate height and scale”, adding that it would be “significantly detrimental to the landscape”. The mast is linked to an application to build 12 wind turbines, each 426ft high, to make up the Aberarder windfarm near Croachy.
26 Jun 2015

Judge rules lawsuit against wind farm being constructed in Kingfisher can proceed

A U.S. district judge in Oklahoma, dismissed a claim of anticipatory trespass, but allowed a claim of anticipatory nuisance to progress against Kingfisher Wind LLC. ..."We're simply asking the court to hear the case soon before we lose the opportunity to protect our properties and families from being damaged by turbines that are planned too close to our homes."
26 Jun 2015

Oregon Offshore Wind Project’s Troubles Leave the DOE 0-for-3 So Far

A bill in the Oregon Legislature’s current session would have required the state’s two big investor-owned utilities, Pacific Power and Portland General Electric, to buy WindFloat’s ouput, with the above-market costs flowing through to ratepayers. But the utilities wanted no part of it and the bill went nowhere. The DOE has said developers can’t continue on the funding track without a power off-take agreement, and all three projects are facing an end-of-July deadline to report on their progress.
25 Jun 2015

Scituate turbine passes fourth state noise test

Monitoring was done at three locations on Gilson Road and at one each on Moreland Road and the Driftway with the turbine running and shut off. The maximum increase recorded in one of the four tests was nine decibels. The turbine would have been in violation at 10 decibels or above.
25 Jun 2015

Wind farm wins county's OK

The Henry County Planning Commission has voted unanimously to grant Whitewater Wind's request for up to eight wind turbines in Dudley Township. About 50 people attended ...The next step for Whitewater Wind is to participate in similar meetings in Fayette and Rush counties, which are also included in the wind farm plans. The company is considering placing 77 wind turbines, including 43 in Fayette, 25 in Rush, and as many as eight in Henry County.
24 Jun 2015
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