Pentagon objects to Shore wind farm

The letter, signed by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work, does not elaborate. But Hoyer said Pentagon officials had concluded the turbines pose "a significant threat" to the "world-class stealth radar system" used at the base.
31 Oct 2014

After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom — and glut

Japan has been undergoing a green boom. It's now rapidly turning into a fiasco as the cost proves prohibitive and utilities anticipate putting some nuclear reactors, shuttered since the March 2011 Fukushima disaster, back online. The unfolding green glut in Japan echoes similar experiences in Germany and Spain.
30 Oct 2014

Meade planners OK wind district

The prospect of siting about 50 more wind turbines in Huron County moved one step closer to reality Tuesday. In a 4-2 vote, Meade planners approved a wind energy overlay district for DTE Energy’s newest wind park planned for Meade and Colfax townships.
30 Oct 2014

Audience rejects wind farm plan at public debate

The developers debated with community opposition group Turbine Evaluation Group - Helensburgh and area (TEG-H) and answered questions from residents on a number of topics. All parties involved were pleased with how engaged the audience were and the turnout at the event, and TEG-H won the debate with 45 people voting against the plans, 21 in favour. The remaining 37 abstained.
30 Oct 2014

Executive Council approves $4 million bond to get Berlin wind project off the ground

The decision followed about an hour of public testimony, including comments from several attendees who raised concerns about recent changes in the size and scope of the Jericho project, the project’s reliability and how the wind power would be used. “I do not believe the appropriate due diligence has been completed,” said Lori Lerner, president of New Hampshire Wind Watch. She questioned the project’s economic benefit to the state, since she said it doesn’t create many long-term jobs, and she recommended the bond be denied.
30 Oct 2014

Lovingood discusses High Desert goals; Supervisor lauds windmill opposition effort

Lovingood told the Rotary Club of Victorville that his office is tasked with providing services and taking care of constituents’ needs. That included working with residents — and groups like the Mojave Communities Conservation Collaborative and the Alliance for Desert Preservation — in helping to convince E.ON Climate and Renewables to withdraw its application for the North Peak Wind Energy Project in Juniper Flats.
29 Oct 2014

Judge rules Orono can't ban wind turbines

Another Hennepin County judge has weighed in on a lengthy, litigious quarrel over a wind turbine on Lake Minnetonka, deciding that the city of Orono can’t completely ban them. ...The Orono City Council passed a moratorium on small wind conversion systems while the city’s Planning Commission drafts a new ordinance regulating them. 
28 Oct 2014

First Wind’s investment from Emera appealed again to top court

In the notice of appeal sent to the PUC, Houlton Water said that it plans to challenge the PUC decision on six different points, including whether the decision violated the Legislature’s intent in deregulating power production, whether the PUC went beyond its bounds in making certain stipulations in the case and whether the evidence in the case satisfied an earlier ruling requiring further scrutiny from regulators.
28 Oct 2014

It may be lights out for the wind energy come the midterms

It would be an understatement to say that the outcome of the 2014 elections is important for wind energy producers. In an effort to see PTC friendly Harry Reid as Majority Leader, the wind industry has essentially turned the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) into their own personal Trojan horse. ...Unsurprisingly, much of the LCV’s campaign activities have been aimed squarely at renewal of the PTC. 
27 Oct 2014

Health officials weigh next step in wind turbine battle

The county's Health Board this month declared the Shirley Wind Farm operated by Duke Energy Renewables poses a health risk to its neighbors in the town of Glenmore. Three families have moved out of their homes rather than endure physical illness they blame on the low-frequency noise the wind turbines generate, according to Audrey Murphy, president of the board that oversees the Brown County Health Department.
27 Oct 2014

Iowa college’s wind energy dream runs into grid reality

Alliant Energy, which serves the college, said it likely would have to curtail much of the project’s energy production because another wind developer had applied for an interconnection agreement first. The combined production, according to Alliant, likely would overload the local distribution circuit.
27 Oct 2014
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