State board to review Buckeye wind farm certificate today

Everpower Renewables, the company in charge of the project, has sought an extension of the certificate citing several ongoing legal fights over various aspects of the project. However, opponents have argued the company has already had a chance to request an extension and because there are two phases of the project that should be treated separately.
26 Aug 2014

Public Eye: Wind dies down in Howard County

“With the moratorium in place we can now come forward together, citizens and governing bodies, to amend the Howard County wind ordinance and begin the process of healing relationships and reaching out to those feeling shortchanged by the actions taken in the cancellation of this industrial wind turbine project.”
24 Aug 2014

£11m for the wind farm that was not working

The highest payment of £11.1 million was paid over three years to ScottishPower, a Spanish-owned firm, which operates the Whitelee wind farm, around 10 miles from Glasgow. The disclosures prompted claims that the Government has failed to “rein in” the amounts being demanded by wind farm owners to turn off their turbines to stop the electricity network becoming overloaded.
24 Aug 2014

New lawsuit filed in Orangeville

The suit alleges “constant noise, vibrations and flicker” significantly impacted the plaintiff’s health and well-being, causing sickness, soreness, lameness and disability. It also accuses Invenergy of diminishing the plaintiffs’ property values, creating noise pollution, and regularly violating the town’s 50-decibel noise ordinance.
23 Aug 2014

NVDA report: big wind Is wrong strategy to curb emissions

There are better ways to reduce Vermont's production of green house gases than industrial-sized wind turbines on ridgelines that cause controversy and overburden the Northeast Kingdom's transmission lines. That's one of the recommendations out of a wind study done for the Northeastern Vermont Development Association that took three years of research.
23 Aug 2014

Appeal dismissed

On Tuesday, Michael Cunliffe issued his judgement, ruling that the wind farm’s contribution towards renewable electricity targets and reduced carbon emissions did not outweigh its “unacceptable adverse impacts on the landscape and on aviation”.
22 Aug 2014

Ivanpah solar plant wants to burn more natural gas

But since the sun doesn’t shine all the time, the plant uses natural gas to keep the water hot. And, apparently, there hasn’t been enough sun to do that. Bright Source Energy, the company operating the plant, is petitioning the California government, requesting permission to burn more natural gas
22 Aug 2014

The cost of renewable energy: New numbers, same conclusion

Readers may be forgiven for being baffled by these conflicting numbers, which also change all the time. ...But so far nothing in the new calculations seems to provide a strong reason for changing the article’s main conclusion: “governments should target emissions reductions from any source, rather than focus on boosting certain kinds of renewable energy.”
22 Aug 2014

Time for the RET to go back to its original intention

The renewable energy sector has cleverly confused the concepts of economic costs, which are the costs of the resources used to produce renewable energy, with prices. They do this to disguise the real cost impact of the RET on the economy and to make themselves a smaller political target. ...The goal of the RET was never about suppressing prices, but this is now the cause célèbre of the renewable industry.
21 Aug 2014

Eagle Take Permits for wind farms - Will they fly?

Even after issuance of the first eagle take permit, the likelihood of obtaining an eagle take permit and a project’s liability for adversely impacting eagles without a permit remains in uncharted territory until more permits are issued. Given the pending NEPA review and legal challenge with respect to the 30-year term, it is unclear at this point how the eagle permitting process may evolve.
21 Aug 2014
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