Wind farm bill moves forward

The House Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted 11-2 on Tuesday for House Bill 1549, which would restrict how close giant wind turbines can be built near airports, hospitals and schools, and to require wind energy producers to notify nearby property owners before construction. The bill also requires a public hearing to be held prior to a wind turbine being installed.
28 Feb 2015

Falmouth loses court appeal in turbine case

The court overturned Barnstable Superior Court Judge Robert Rufo’s June 2013 decision and ruled in favor of a cluster of neighbors who sued the town over its 2009 installation of Wind 1, one of the twin, 1.65-megawatt wind turbines erected at the town’s wastewater treatment facility.
27 Feb 2015

Giant wind farm buying leases in WNY

WASHINGTON – The coal-fired Somerset Power Station's 600-foot smokestack on the Lake Ontario shoreline in Niagara County could be joined in the next couple of years by several dozen wind turbines feeding electricity into the same transmission line.
26 Feb 2015

Long-term wind deals in Hancock, Somerset counties will be reconsidered

The Maine Public Utilities Commission voted Wednesday to take a second look at the terms of two long-term wind purchasing deals the three-person commission approved in December. The makeup of the commission has changed since the December approval, with Carlisle McLean joining the panel in place of former chairman Tom Welch, who retired early at the end of 2014.
26 Feb 2015

Judges signal more trouble looms for EPA’s cross-state rule

EPA has long struggled to implement a program for pollution that crosses state lines under the Clean Air Act’s “Good Neighbor Provision” until the Supreme Court upheld the regime last year. The agency’s past two attempts have been thrown out in court, including the George W. Bush administration’s Clean Air Interstate Rule, or CAIR, which the D.C. Circuit tossed in 2008 for being insufficient to protect public health in North Carolina v. EPA.
26 Feb 2015

Wind power firm regrets shooting to death of teen

The Ngong Wind Power farm in Kajiado County under construction on July 24, 2014. The company putting up a wind-power plant in Nyandarua has expressed its regrets over the death of a teenager following protests over the implementation of the Sh13 billion project. ...Meanwhile, a family whose land the firm will set up a turbine has claimed that they had not been party to the talks, despite being among those affected by the project.
26 Feb 2015

Osborn approves multimillion-dollar agreement for new wind farm

Of the $1.87 million, $1.12 million would be in the form of annual payments of $56,000 ($4,000 for each turbine) over 20 years. That much is mandated by state law, which says wind developers must compensate host communities such as Osborn. Of the remaining $750,000, one-third of it would come in a lump sum payment that the town would be required to use for public safety costs. The other $500,000 would be a second lump sum payment for an energy conservation fund. 
26 Feb 2015

Canadian research boosts Cooper’s case on turbines

Mr Cooper has received further support for his work at Cape Bridgewater from computer scientists in Canada who have been working to record sub-audible noise or infrasound from wind turbines since 2013. Richard Mann, at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, said scientists there had arrived at a similar position to Mr Cooper despite working in a different way. “Our results show that wind turbines emit a characteristic pulsation (change in barometric pressure) that repeats with every blade passage,” Professor Mann said.
24 Feb 2015
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