No More Faking It: Companies Ditch Green Credits, Clean Up Instead

For years, thousands of companies have purchased renewable energy credits, known as RECs, to say they use green power and to shrink their carbon footprints. Now, as skepticism mounts about whether RECs achieve their claimed environmental benefits, the market for these credits is slowing—and a number of companies, from Whole Foods Market (WFM) to McDonald’s (MCD), are quietly scaling back their involvement.
17 Dec 2014

Somerset County to decide on TIF for Bingham Wind Project

“If we don’t have a TIF, the state would tax the project and the property and use that money for the state,” said Lloyd Trafton, the county commissioner who represents the unorganized territories. “With the TIF, the state still collects the tax, but they have to return it to Somerset County.” Creation of the district would be subject to approval by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development
17 Dec 2014

County discusses potential halt of wind projects

After County Commissioner John Nugent stated his intention last week to pursue a countywide moratorium on wind energy development, several residents, commissioners and the county’s corporate counsel have responded. “I have no intention to deviate from what I said. I’m in the process of researching it, speaking with people, talking with attorneys. And when it’s appropriate, after the first of the year, I’ll bring forward a resolution … hopefully for a full moratorium.”
17 Dec 2014

Wind turbine opponents say structures could affect radio signals

Opponents of a proposed wind farm on Turkey Heaven Mountain have brought up concerns that the development might hamper emergency communications in the county, and a communications expert supported their warning. Mark Truett, one of the the dissenters, brought information on the potential for interference to a Cleburne County Commission meeting earlier this month.
17 Dec 2014

Westar moves ahead on wind amid debate

Brownback calls himself a strong supporter of wind energy because of its potential on the frequently gusty Plains, but he said in July that he’s open to phasing out the state’s rule because wind is no longer a fledgling industry in Kansas. He’s also called several times for the industry and opponents of the renewable-energy mandate to work out a compromise.
17 Dec 2014

State hopes to promote renewables and spare ratepayers

Springer said the administration is trying to preserve some aspects of the Vermont SPEED program, which allows utilities here to sell renewable "credits" that out of state companies buy to meet their states green energy mandates. Those sales have amounted to about $50 million a year, money the utilities say has helped reduce rates. If those sales dry up, ratepayers could pay the price.
16 Dec 2014

Tax extenders expected to win U.S. Senate approval within days

Nearly half of the total 10-year estimated cost of the extenders comes from the three largest: a $7.6 billion credit for business research and development costs; a $6.4 billion tax break for renewable energy production plants; and a $5.1 billion tax exception that allows financial firms and other businesses to defer U.S. taxes on certain foreign profits.
16 Dec 2014

Community action triggers government review

The Government has announced a review of wind farm noise after a long campaign by a Devon community. Neighbours of the planned Den Brook project, which will be the third biggest in the Westcountry if built, brought a judicial review after concerns over the amplitude modulation noise (AM). The noise from "wind shear" is said to be the cause of most complaints but is not included in planing law.
14 Dec 2014

Bourne residents speak out against Plymouth turbines

Several dozen people filled the lower conference room at Bourne Town Hall during the Bourne Board of Health meeting on December 10 to voice their opinion on a proposed Plymouth wind farm that would border Bournedale. Most of the residents spoke in opposition to the project brought before the board by cranberry farm owner Keith A. Mann.
12 Dec 2014

Legislator to offer bill for regulating wind farms

Rep. Earl Sears says he will sponsor legislation that would put regulations on the wind industry. ...proposed regulations will contain three key elements: siting and setbacks regarding location of wind farms; decommissioning; and public hearings that would allow residents of communities near planned wind farm projects to express their views.
12 Dec 2014
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