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Right whale coalition calls for moratorium on wind turbines to protect endangered species

“Any species whose numbers are this low requires that we not take any additional action that could harm these whales,” political and environmental author and activist Michael Shellenberger said of the endangered North Atlantic right whales. “Particularly given that we have an abundance of nuclear and natural gas resources that would provide a sufficient alternative to these large industrial wind turbines.”
25 Nov 2021

Wind farm cable will run deeper under Wainscott Beach, Orsted says

Representatives of Ørsted and Eversource, the companies that will be constructing the South Fork Wind farm off Montauk, told local residents this week that the final designs for the installation call for the electrical cable to be buried far deeper below the Wainscott beach where it will emerge from the ocean than originally planned, and will require fewer of the large underground “vaults” than early designs showed.
17 Nov 2021

Lake Erie offshore windmill pilot project in jeopardy amid scandal fallout

This delay has put the project into a bad spot regarding the private funding necessary to get the project completed. The U.S. Department for Energy is ready to pull its grant ($37 million yet unspent) because the timeframe in which it needs to be used will expire, and the foreign investor, Norwegian wind energy builder Fred Olson Renewables, which was likely going to invest a large part of the $173 million needed to complete the project and have some ownership, might pull out.
16 Nov 2021

Dominion Energy's wind farm costs to customers jumps from $8 billion to $10 billion, CEO says

The Virginia General Assembly in 2020 passed a law called the Virginia Clean Economy Act that strips regulators of some of the traditional decision-making power over utility projects, however, and directs the SCC to approve up to $9.8 billion in customer cost recovery for the wind farm. A news release from Dominion Energy on Friday estimated the project cost at that same amount — $9.8 billion.
5 Nov 2021

Ocean City residents worry an offshore wind farm will destroy the resort without easing climate change

The poles, or monopoles driven into the seabed will be 35 feet in diameter, rising 80 stories tall, with 350-foot blades. They will be surrounded by hard structures that had never before existed off the Jersey coast. Hornick worries the construction noise and vibrations will damage marine mammals like dolphins, who depend on echolocation to navigate. And the wind farms could jeopardize the survival of the endangered Atlantic right whale; fewer than 400 are alive today. The Jersey Shore’s fisheries are also worried the wind farms would limit fishing areas and could permanently reduce their catch. The wind farms would occupy some of the most fertile fishing grounds in the nation, prompting a growing battle between fisheries and wind power.
27 Oct 2021

Ocean City mayor: Wind turbines should not be seen from beach

“Let me be clear. I do not intend to be an obstructionist, but it’s my job to look out for Ocean City,” he said. Opposition to the offshore wind turbines has built as the project gets closer to reality. In his comments, Gillian mentioned concerns raised by commercial and recreational fishing groups. “The project should not move forward until all concerns of the fishing communities are adequately addressed,” he said, also saying potential threats to the environment and to the public should also be addressed.
27 Oct 2021

Ocean City Mayor Addresses Offshore Wind Farm Concerns

“I understand that federal and state decision makers have the power to approve this project without Ocean City’s consent, but I intend to do everything in my power to advocate for Ocean City’s best interests,” Gillian said. “I believe in the objectives of clean energy, but I know these can be advanced while also addressing the points I’ve just listed.”
23 Oct 2021

Competition fierce for offshore wind's a 'once in a generation opportunity'

State Rep. Sarah Peake, D-Provincetown, said the Baker administration, in its almost single-minded focus on low energy prices, was caught flat-footed by the technological leaps in the industry that led to greater turbine efficiency and productivity and big drops in the price of offshore wind power. Massachusetts is now in the third round of bids for state contracts to produce power for electrical distribution companies such as Eversource, Unitil, and National Grid. 
21 Oct 2021

Baker tries to rejigger offshore wind procurement

In a bill filed Thursday, Gov. Baker proposes nixing the requirement that each new offshore wind project must cost less than the project that preceded it. The bill also takes the lion’s share of decisionmaking in the bid process away from the state’s three big utilities — National Grid, Eversource, and Unitil — and creates a new model in which “the state’s Department of Energy Resources would choose the successful projects with technical assistance from the utilities."
20 Oct 2021

‘Bloody expensive.’ Major U.S. offshore wind plan hits obstacles

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) estimated Dominion’s capital costs for offshore wind could reach $17 billion, if it chased the full 5.2 gigawatt build-out of offshore wind called for in the Clean Economy Act — and up to $37 billion total when Dominion’s possible profit is factored in. The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project would be just 2.6 gigawatts, so the full costs remain unclear. A cost projection for the project will be clearer once the utility has filed its application with the SCC this year.
14 Oct 2021

Baker scraps wind price cap in $750-million Clean Energy Bill

The state’s third competitive solicitation attracted bids from just Vineyard Wind and Mayflower Wind, a disappointment to Mariano and some others. The speaker last month singled out the price cap policy that requires the price of each new offshore wind project to be lower than that of the project before it and said it should be eliminated. “We’re hoping to create an industry and we just had two companies bid,” Mariano said in late September during a boat tour of the small wind farm off Block Island. He added, “That’s why we’re doing this, we want that universe to get bigger.”
14 Oct 2021

Underwater power cables are 'mesmerising' brown crabs and causing biological changes that could affect their migration habits, scientists warn

Experts in Scotland found exposure to electromagnetism triggered 'behavioural and physiological responses' in around 60 brown crabs at the St Abbs Marine Station. ...The cables for offshore renewable energy also emit an electromagnetic field that attracts the crabs and causes them to become stationary, which affects breeding and migration, according to the team. 
11 Oct 2021

Massive wind farm off North Wales coast will 'destroy' coastal views

Cllr Andrew Hinchliffe feared beautiful views, such as those enjoyed from Llanfairfechan, could be "destroyed". “From where we are now, we can only see the present turbines over Llandudno, which is very surprising, but these will be double the height and extending right across the vista, which I find very difficult,” he said. “I think this is far too much. If they were going to build this, surely turbines could be much further out and less intrusive on our landscape.
8 Oct 2021
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