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Nebraska USA Petition for review: USFWS approval of “R-Project” Transmission 5 Jul 2019
Australia Award-winning sheep farmers sue AGL over wind farm construction 30 Jun 2019
USA Illinois Invenergy v United States Section 1603 cash grant decisions 20 Jun 2019
Kansas Judge takes wind farm filings under advisement 20 Jun 2019
Massachusetts State agency loses $20m case over New Bedford terminal 19 Jun 2019
Rhode Island Unauthorized Coventry solar project ordered to stop work 15 Jun 2019
Ireland EU court: Ireland should pay €1k a day for environment failings 15 Jun 2019
North Dakota The wind industry’s arrogance comes around to bite them as the Public Service Commission says a rare “No” 12 Jun 2019
North Dakota Nextera Burke Wind Denial Order 12 Jun 2019
North Dakota Citing wildlife impacts, North Dakota regulators deny siting permit for Burke County wind farm 12 Jun 2019
Iowa Farmer files appeal over Black Hawk Co. wind farm 31 May 2019
Kansas Wind farm opponents make good on threat of lawsuit 23 May 2019
Kansas County Commissioners balk at legal bill over wind farm 23 May 2019
New York Courtroom cross-exminations in wind farm “evidentiary hearing” 17 May 2019
Ohio Notice of relinquishment and withdrawal: Black Fork Wind Farm 16 May 2019
South Dakota SD Public Utilities Commission issues $30,000 max fine for southeastern wind farm's permit violation 15 May 2019
Iowa Iowa Supreme Court rules on two Palo Alto County wind farm issues 2 May 2019
Kansas Wind farm opponents hire lawyers, plan to sue 2 May 2019
Iowa Judge backs Washburn wind farm 30 Apr 2019
Europe French farmers sue the state over mystery cow deaths they blame on electromagnetic fields 27 Apr 2019
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