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Possible wind development sites in Bath County, VA

Bathcounty_potential_thumb Commercial wind projects in the Appalachian region are typically built in strings of about seven turbines per mile along ridge crests. This map shows the potential for 88 miles of turbine strings on Bath County ridges. Possible development sites occur within Wind Power Class 3 through 7, and were derived from resource maps obtained from the National Renewable Energy Lab. Of the possible turbine sites in Bath County Virginia, 52 percent are located on national forest land and 12 percent are located on The Nature Conservancy's Warm Springs Mountain Preserve; 25 percent of the total possible turbine sites are presumably off limits, including all of those in TNC's preserve and about one-third of those on national forest. The identification of national forest lands as "suitable" or "unsuitable" is based on the draft management plan for the George Washington National Forest.
7 Aug 2008
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