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UK Appeal Court overturns landmark wind farm judgment on amending planning conditions 5 Nov 2019
Africa New judges for wind farm case 24 Oct 2019
New York Freedom United wins lawsuit over new Town of Freedom wind law 22 Oct 2019
Hawaii 55 protesters arrested as wind farm convoy completes journey to Kahuku 19 Oct 2019
Hawaii Kahuku wind farm building while legal and regulatory challenges loom 19 Oct 2019
Iowa Wind farm legal bills mounting 17 Oct 2019
Maryland Attorneys argue wind farm case 10 Oct 2019
Europe Italy's “Lord of the Wind” gets 9 years for financing mafia 3 Oct 2019
New York More than 100 residents sue Arkwright project developers; Suit filed over turbines 26 Sep 2019
Kansas Wind farm company blasts Novak's behavior in legal filing 26 Sep 2019
Hawaii Kahuku wind farm plan challenged again 12 Sep 2019
Ohio Innogy relinquishes state certificates; leases remain 11 Sep 2019
Kansas Civil suit dismissed, fight not over with wind farm 4 Sep 2019
Kansas Judge dismisses lawsuit to block wind farm plans 29 Aug 2019
Illinois First ruling in Henry County wind farm case now in judge's hands. He will rule on submitted motion to dismiss 23 Aug 2019
Nebraska Judge switches course on conflict of interest case: Board members can vote on Sand Hills wind project 15 Aug 2019
Ontario Minister responds to being named in wind turbine charges 10 Aug 2019
Rhode Island Judge upholds Coventry’s denial of green development project (solar) 8 Aug 2019
Kansas Court battle continues for proposed wind farm 7 Aug 2019
Australia Australian watchdog sues four wind farm operators over 2016 blackout 7 Aug 2019
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