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Loch Ness wind farm plans gets green light

Helen McDade, head of policy at the John Muir Trust, said: "We are disappointed that the majority of councillors chose to ignore expert opinion from bodies which include Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), the Cairngorms National Park, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and the John Muir Trust. "But despite this setback, the fight to save the Monadhliath Mountains will continue.
9 Apr 2013

New York renewable power plan would cost $382 billion by 2030

"It's too ambitious by 2030 to replace all the state's power with renewables," Angus McCrone, a senior analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London, said today. The projections, he said, look "unrealistic" for individual technologies. ...offshore wind turbines would cover an area of about 4,903 square miles, and onshore machines would cover a further 1,000 square miles.
8 Apr 2013

Sales in our wind: Ireland's ambitious wind-energy plans

It is "far too soon" to make final judgments on which of the export-orientated windfarm projects now being mooted will be approved and under what terms. "There is no fait accompli at this stage. None of this has reassured objectors, who are concerned about the noise and visual impact of onshore turbines and also see the export of wind energy to Britain as equivalent to "selling the family silver".
7 Apr 2013

Anti-wind farm campaigners remain to convinced over 'extra protection' for wild land

Campaigners against the "further industrialisation" of the Scottish landscape by wind turbines have reacted sceptically to claims of an about turn on the issue by Alex Salmond. ..."If things are going to change, we would also like to see the guideline that suggests wind turbines should be at least 2km from homes being made mandatory. At the moment that guideline is routinely trampled over."
3 Apr 2013

Salmond in U-turn over wind turbines

The First Minister's apparent conversion was revealed by Cameron McNeish, a well-known hiker, and a prominent SNP supporter. He said he had recently discussed the new policy idea with Mr Salmond. "The First Minister is not averse to the idea of setting up turbine-free areas," said Mr McNeish. "He has come round to the idea that Scotland has areas well worth protecting."
3 Apr 2013

Trouble in the wind: Turbines put near Lake Erie energize conservation, wind power debate

The Lake Erie Business Park, which sits near Camp Perry and in the same lakeshore strip that holds numerous eagle nests, has been considering wind power projects for several years ...but there are much better places to locate the projects than the western Lake Erie shoreline, a magnet for migratory birds, waterfowl, and bald eagles. "You don't go to the worst site first," he said.
31 Mar 2013

Rural Mainers turn out in force to back bills that would change wind energy law

Testifying neither for nor against LD 616, Patrick Woodcock, director of the Governor's Energy Office, urged legislators not to shy away from trying to improve the 2008 Wind Energy Act. He reiterated LePage's intent to streamline energy permitting processes in Maine, but in a way that does not favor one industry over another, which he said the current law does.
28 Mar 2013

NH Senate rejects energy project moratorium

Lori Lerner and her husband purchased a second home on Newfound Lake more than a decade ago and loved the area so much that they moved in for good. Now, she worries the construction of wind turbines on the ridges above the lake might stop others from following in their footsteps. "Who wants to invest their hard-earned money in an area that's being over taken by these monstrosities?"
28 Mar 2013

New spin needed

This much is clear: many people who live near these towers believe that the structures are adversely affecting their health. Local officials do not need Falmouth's experiences to understand that there is virtually nothing that will placate people when they believe that their health, and their property values, are suffering. Better to clear the air ahead of time before trying to harness the wind.
24 Mar 2013

Industrial Wind Turbines: Scars on the rural landscape

"In Ontario, Canada, there is a suspension of critical appraisal and due process regarding industrial wind turbines. The lack of confidence in the political and regulatory systems will persist if governments and industry continue to deny the existence of adverse impacts from human exposure to industrial wind turbines...The negative psychological effect of disempowerment interacting with the adverse health effects attributed to industrial wind turbines has intensified the negative synergy of justice lost."
21 Mar 2013
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