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Minnesota wind-farm battery going back online

After the September 2011 battery fire in Japan, NGK halted production of the batteries and advised customers, including Xcel and 19 other customers in North America, to stop using them. NGK later determined that a faulty cell had leaked molten material, triggering a short circuit and fire.
28 Jan 2013

Wind farm turbines wear sooner than expected, says study

The decline in the output of offshore wind farms, based on a study of Danish wind farms, appears even more dramatic. The load factor for turbines built on platforms in the sea is reduced from 39 per cent to 15 per cent after 10 years. ...Overall performance of wind farms in the UK has deteriorated markedly since the beginning of the century.
30 Dec 2012

Electric cars letting off too much steam

The analysis, penned by academics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, expounds by saying that the toxic materials employed to build such cars exceeds traditional ones. Furthermore, fuels used to create the electricity are also important considerations, noting that if is coal then it may not be worth the environmental and economic costs.
9 Oct 2012

Northern Nevada wind power pioneers hit snag; vertical turbines not delivering savings as promised

Advocates of small-scale wind energy production say stories like the Sousas' experience at their high-desert home highlight the challenge early adopters face when investing in a nascent industry. That includes sorting through unsubstantiated claims made by some manufacturers of wind turbines meant for backyards or city parks as well as maintaining a realistic set of expectations for the technology.
22 Sep 2012

How to extend the lifespan of your gearbox

We believe the life-span of a given population of gearboxes at a site will likely be distributed in a bell curve. In other words, a wind farm with 100 turbines may see a handful of gearbox failures the first few years of operation, with the failure rate increasing over time. ...Based on the gearboxes that have come through our facility, the majority of lifespan distribution for wind turbine gearboxes will fall between seven and 10 years.
18 Jul 2012

Decreasing Turbine Weight

According to Seco Tools, the U.S. should follow Europe’s lead in embracing efficient machining practices that decrease wind component weight and increase efficiency. Wind energy is one of the world’s fastest-growing sources of energy. According to a 2011 report provided by the World Wind Energy Association, China, the United States, Germany, Spain, and India were the top five wind power markets by total capacity in 2010. When it comes to producing wind turbine components as efficiently and inexpensively as some of these countries, however, the United States tends to lag behind. Why is that, and what can be done?
1 Mar 2012

Vestas acquires radar specialist OCAS

The deal, which is still subject to final approval, will see Vestas take control of the rights to OCAS's system to prevent aerial collisions. The system is approved by aviation authorities in countries including Sweden, the US, Norway and Canada.
7 Oct 2011

Market risks are seen in energy innovations

"I think we have other Solyndras out there," said Representative Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican and chairman of the oversight and investigations committee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which held the hearing on Solyndra. "The government should not be picking winners and losers - that's what they're doing with Nissan, Tesla and Fisker," he said in an interview.
16 Sep 2011

Wind power gains as gear improves

The flurry of development work is a result of the increasing number of manufacturers, which are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Also, many of the best wind sites have already been claimed, and that has forced developers to build in places that are not quite so windy - making innovation all the more crucial for cost-effectiveness.
8 Aug 2011
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