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Still no verdict after port death

Investigators are still searching for answers to an accident which left one man crushed to death under a wind turbine. Engineer Per Terp, 42, from Norresundby, Denmark, died when he was trapped between a crane and part of a wind turbine at Harwich Port.
12 Feb 2013

Hard hat saves man's life

A Portland man is lucky to be alive after being hit by a falling three-kilogram piece of tubing at a Macarthur wind farm. The man, 24, was working on a tower at a height of about 50 metres when he was hit on the head and shoulder by the plastic tubing, which had fallen about 20 metres.
20 Jul 2012

Diver dies at wind turbine site

German news agency dapd reported the diver's death was the third deadly incident at German offshore wind farms in two years. Germany is seeking to multiply wind power generation with new offshore platforms in the North and Baltic Seas, but their construction and operation is logistically challenging.
4 May 2012
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