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Hard hat saves man's life

A Portland man is lucky to be alive after being hit by a falling three-kilogram piece of tubing at a Macarthur wind farm. The man, 24, was working on a tower at a height of about 50 metres when he was hit on the head and shoulder by the plastic tubing, which had fallen about 20 metres.
20 Jul 2012

Diver dies at wind turbine site

German news agency dapd reported the diver's death was the third deadly incident at German offshore wind farms in two years. Germany is seeking to multiply wind power generation with new offshore platforms in the North and Baltic Seas, but their construction and operation is logistically challenging.
4 May 2012

Wind industry accused of blowing off worker safety rule

Thousands of the giant wind machines violate a federal requirement to give technicians who work inside the towers enough maneuvering space to get up and down their ladders safely. The standard says the space near the ladder should be free of permanent obstructions that could cause serious head or back injuries if a climber slips or is moving fast.
19 Dec 2011

Suffolk: Wind farm worker airlifted to hospital

A Coastguard spokesman said: "The helicopter went and winched him from the top of the turbine and took him straight to Ipswich Hospital. "They had to make sure from the people that run the wind farm that the blades were in a wide position and stopped. They rotated them so they were in a safe position.
14 Nov 2011

Worker injured at solar farm

The worker was taken to hospital and the ministry sent in an inspector who "issued a stop work order to hold the scene pending further investigation," Lin said. ...First Solar Inc. is building two 20-megawatt solar farms in St. Clair Township, including the Moore Solar Farm north of Rokeby Line and west of Highway 40.
28 Oct 2011
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