Australia / New Zealand Wind farm proposals head to the Environment Court 22 Dec 2005
New York No wind turbines on Cape Wycoff - Otsego 2000 to call for state-wide moratorium on wind farm siting 22 Dec 2005
Australia / New Zealand Wind turbines get consent in Wellington 22 Dec 2005
Hawaii Wind Farms Are No Panacea for Hawaii - Grassroot Perspective 22 Dec 2005
Connecticut Delaware Maine New Hampshire New Jersey New York Vermont Seven U.S. states sign CO2 plan in break with Bush 21 Dec 2005
Connecticut Massachusetts Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont MIT team analyzes wind energy potential in Northeast 21 Dec 2005
Vermont Vermont Gets Hydrogen Car Grant - Vermont will take part in a federally-funded project to demonstrate the practicality of hydrogen-powered cars. 21 Dec 2005
UK ELECTRICITY: Wind farm powers up 21 Dec 2005
South America Brazil enters the era of wind power 21 Dec 2005
UK Wind farm firm 'inflated figures' 21 Dec 2005
Asia Japan: Community-Financed Energy Brings Winds of Change 21 Dec 2005
UK Blowing cold over windfarm plans 21 Dec 2005
Canada Windy in the Willows 21 Dec 2005
Minnesota Adams wind energy project moves forward 21 Dec 2005
Vermont The perfect NIMBY board 21 Dec 2005
Kansas Area legislators visit county officials 21 Dec 2005
Australia / New Zealand Council green lights wind farm plans 21 Dec 2005
New Jersey Expert: Windmills Are Costly 21 Dec 2005
Illinois Ogle approves wind farm plan 21 Dec 2005
New York NYISO Comprehensive Reliability Planning Process (CRPP) Reliability Needs Assessment 21 Dec 2005
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