Against the wind: Kingdom project gets thumbs down

MONTPELIER — After 27 months and more than $1 million, the developers of a four-turbine wind project proposed for a mountaintop in East Haven have been told that the Public Service Board (PSB) should reject its application because the project will have an undue aesthetic impact in a nearby land preserve.
17 Mar 2006

A bill to veto - State Senate was willing to force power plants on localities

Localities escaped a close call when the House reaffirmed that nuclear, wind and LNG facilities would have to meet local zoning and land-use restrictions. But they should be wary of the coercive spirit shown by the Senate, and all Virginians should be wary of the flawed energy policy crafted in their name. The issues involved deserve more thoughtful, balanced consideration. In the interim the best thing that could happen to this bill would be a veto from the governor.
17 Mar 2006

Filibuster threat to wind farms

NORTHERN isles MP Alistair Carmichael has called on Tory leader David Cameron to control two maverick MPs who could destroy the future of ambitious Scottish renewable energy projects by their "childish antics" in Parliament today (Friday).
17 Mar 2006

Highlanders present convincing case

The fight to preserve our visual and cultural heritage has entered a new phase now. The outcome is in the hands of people who don’t know much about who we are or what’s really at stake here. We are on a political, legislative and regulatory track that is complex and has a mind of its own.
16 Mar 2006
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