Enormous wind towers a poor power choice

This battle has been fought for decades, first with the billboard campaign, again with the "ridgeline" highway campaign, and now with enormous industrial turbines. In our hearts we believe the Legislature and the governor will protect our state's beauty and our heritage as our forefathers, legislators and governors before us.
1 Jan 2006

Wind not the answer to our energy needs

Dr Johannes Teyssen and Martin Fuchs, authors of a 2005 report into wind energy in Germany, also uncovered some disturbing truths. There are three points that resoundingly debunk the myth that wind energy is efficient and practical. First, the more wind farms Germany installs, the less effective it becomes in displacing other generators. Second, there are massive subsidy costs, extensive new power lines, back-up and cost requirements. Third, comments that 48,000 megawatts of wind energy will only effectively replace 2000 megawatts of conventional generators.
30 Dec 2005

Industrial Wind Tops News From NEK In 2005

In December, Gov. Jim Douglas joined the ranks of those opposed to commercial wind farms on ridge lines, saying the huge structures are not compatible with Vermont's image. Specifically, he said he does not support the proposed UPC Vermont Wind project with 26 398-foot turbines planned for ridges in Sheffield and Sutton.
30 Dec 2005

Selling out: A different shade of green

In this season of hope and reflection, a time to give thanks for our treasures and consider helping those less fortunate - I would urge us all to pause a moment, look around and appreciate the beauty of this community and consider protecting and preserving the natural green space we have left. Resist the temptation for that 'greedier shade of green'!
30 Dec 2005

Wind farm policies are a load of hot air

Throwing large amounts of money at unreliable sources of energy when others with much greater reliable potential are simply starved of investment is poor economics and appalling practice and will not be followed by any other country governed with good sense. Wind farm policy is simply gesture politics at its worst.
30 Dec 2005

Zero tolerance for Equinox Towers

Symbolism aside, Mt. Equinox may not be as impressive as Yosemite's El Capitan or the Grand Tetons, but something very real would be sacrificed on the questionable altar of renewable-energy-for-profit. Mt. Equinox and all of our mountains are not just a "back yard." They are a heritage and a legacy. And they are as good a place as any to make a stand. The issue at stake is preservation, and the face of environmentalism should be one of traditional conservation, not a heedlessly applied new orthodoxy. As a nation we need cleaner energy sources, but despoiling the scenic ridgelines in Vermont's premier recreational destination for minimal public benefit is misguided and irresponsible.
30 Dec 2005

Opposition to plans for wind turbines

THE recent four-page supplement from npower concerning its proposed development at Kiln Pit Hill can only be described as an example of pro-windfarm propaganda. There was no mention of the problems associated with wind power.
30 Dec 2005

GOP appointee set to run DTE

Last May, in a move some industry officials say contributed to her promotion to chairwoman, Judson voted against approvals for an 18-mile, mostly undersea power cable crucial to the 130-turbine Cape Wind electric generation project in Nantucket Sound, which Romney opposes.
29 Dec 2005
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