California's new power diet plan - The Golden State has lessons to share with Ontario on how to avert an energy crisis

Arthur Rosenfeld speaks with the conviction of a man who has seen the incandescent light. As head of the California Energy Commission, he takes a decidedly low-watt approach toward energy savings, espousing staid but effective building codes, appliance standards, and utility-run energy efficiency programs that reward consumers for shopping green.
24 Mar 2006

Are turbines worse than sprawl?

By the time you read this column, the Monroe County Board will have taken action on amending the county zoning ordinance. And likely the division between neighbors over the issue will unfortunately be deeper.
24 Mar 2006

Federal agencies, Conservancy concerned about wind plant impacts to wildlife

RICHMOND — Formal respondents in Highland New Wind Development’s case pending before the State Corporation Commission are adding to a long list of concerns expressed already by a variety of state agencies. Among those who have weighed in recently are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which expresses serious doubts about environmental reviews conducted thus far.
23 Mar 2006

Good decision on Wind Power

It's time for Vermonters to enter into a reasoned dialog and consider all the options for its energy future. Many other renewable sources are in the pipeline. Let's look at them in a deliberate way. Let's stop rushing into whatever developers are pushing at the moment, because what's good for them may be bad for us.
23 Mar 2006

Catamount explores alternatives

Rutland-based Catamount Energy Corp., a developer, owner, and operator of wind energy projects in the United States and Europe, has retained the investment firm Goldman, Sachs & Co. as a financial adviser, Catamount said on Wednesday.
23 Mar 2006
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