Vermont Progress Made In Sheffield Wind Talks 2 Feb 2006
Massachusetts Plymouth can’t be so strict with wind towers: Town has to let them be built on private land, too 1 Feb 2006
Massachusetts Hearings on windmill project to resume next week 1 Feb 2006
Australia / New Zealand Quartz Hill Reserve Charitable Trust Appeals Wind Farm Ruling 1 Feb 2006
Minnesota Study suggests Minnesota has more potential for wind energy 1 Feb 2006
Vermont Northeast Kingdom lawmakers test wind 1 Feb 2006
Missouri Plans call for wind power project north of St. Joe 1 Feb 2006
UK Turbines working again after fire 1 Feb 2006
Australia / New Zealand Makara Guardians Appeal Wind Farm Ruling 1 Feb 2006
USA Ask the Climate Expert 1 Feb 2006
Massachusetts Wind Advisory 1 Feb 2006
Pennsylvania Wind mills would hurt public - Danger of ice flung from blades in winter would keep outdoors lovers away from land, man testifies. 1 Feb 2006
Australia / New Zealand Plan to build biggest wind farm 1 Feb 2006
Washington Commission: Deny wind power project - Horizon Wind Energy project now goes to county commissioners for review of recommendation 1 Feb 2006
Vermont The need to hold public hearing on industrial wind development in Vermont 1 Feb 2006
New York Centerville could get 60 windmills 1 Feb 2006
Pennsylvania Consider urban windmills - Instead of spoiling the looks around DeHart Dam, mayor could locate energy source within the city 1 Feb 2006
Michigan State needs farmers for wind test 1 Feb 2006
Wisconsin Bill could stir fiscal windfall 1 Feb 2006
UK Windfarm plan refused by council 1 Feb 2006
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