Douglas has busy 'Governor's Day' in Brattleboro

Douglas said he was "surprised" when the town of Sheffield, in the Northeast Kingdom, approved a project for 26 windmills along a ridgeline. He said he thinks most Vermonters are aware that even a large number of wind turbines aren't going to replace nuclear or hydroelectric power, which provide about two-thirds of the state's energy.
10 Dec 2005

Douglas looking for outs on energy

BRATTLEBORO — Gov. James Douglas said Friday that his administration is evaluating whether it makes sense for Vermont to put most of its energy eggs in the baskets held by Hydro-Quebec and Entergy Nuclear, the owner of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.
10 Dec 2005

Let The Wind Power Us From Deep Water

These examples show that offshore wind technology is advancing so rapidly that sacrificing Nantucket Sound for a project like the one currently being proposed is shortsighted. In the near future, the public could get the same benefits from building an offshore wind plant farther out to sea with far fewer negative impacts, and at the same time avoid being saddled with what may well become an obsolete technology.
9 Dec 2005

Too late to object

The submission from the Jardine family against the Snowy Plain wind farm went missing and was seen by none of the Snowy River Shire Councillors before they made their decision to approve the wind farm development application, according to Jodi Jardine.
8 Dec 2005
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