National Trust opposes wind farm

Government plans to boost renewable energy will hit ano ther snag this week with the decision of Scotland’s largest conservation group to come out for the first time against a wind farm. The National Trust for Scotland (NTS), which has 291,000 members, is objecting to an application to erect 17 turbines on Knoweside Hill, two and a half miles from Culzean Castle in Ayrshire.
12 Mar 2006

Eskom to hike rates

"Wind power is unfortunately not the holy grail of electricity supply for the future. Despite this energy source, wind, being free, the very high capital investment required and the high maintenance costs result in high generating costs."
11 Mar 2006

Committee hears from friends, foes of wind farms

A destroyer of natural landscapes and human health, or the solution to New York’s dependence on costly fossil fuels ­— that’s how wind farms were described as both opponents and advocates took turns speaking at a hearing last Tuesday before the Assembly energy committee.
11 Mar 2006

Wind energy, at what cost?

One Wisconsin group is trying to educate the public on the realities of wind energy. David Korinek with WINDCOWS (Wisconsin Independent Citizens Opposing Windturbine Sites) says they are not at all opposed to wind power. They are just looking for some responsible regulation and adequate setbacks from property lines.
11 Mar 2006

Air Force committed to energy-efficient strategies

The Air Force continues its pledge to be a leader in energy stewardship. For the last six months, the Air Force has been working on a strategy to have energy as a consideration in nearly all of its activities, from operations to acquisition. The Air Force is increasing efforts to reduce the demand for energy using good building design, advanced planning tools for operations, more efficient jet engines and better conservation practices, said Undersecretary of the Air Force Dr. Ronald Sega.
11 Mar 2006

Turbines Will Tower Over Us

Images released by opponents of a proposed wind farm in Somerset claim to show the real impact of the controversial scheme. A planning application is expected to be lodged with Sedgemoor District Council at the beginning of next week for the five-turbine scheme between Brent Knoll and Burnham-on-Sea.
10 Mar 2006
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