Maine Renewable energy firm heads to Maine’s high court to fight CMP’s $1 billion transmission line 9 May
Kansas Refusal to sign resolution won't stop wind farm 9 May
North Dakota North Dakota lawmaker lashes out against fellow legislator in meeting over wind turbines 9 May
Kansas More than 200 protest petitions filed against NextEra plan by Tuesday’s deadline 8 May
Oklahoma Governor approves bill that clarifies approval process for future wind development in Oklahoma 8 May
Maine Lawmakers hear debate that shows sharp divide over renewable-energy bill 8 May
Indiana Wind farms banned in rural Tippecanoe County, as environmentalists grumble 7 May
UK Rhinns of Kells windfarm proposals provoke storm of protest 6 May
Iowa Report: Wind turbines viable in Linn County, but few rural residents want them 6 May
Vermont Vermont rules spur solar development on landfills, brownfields 6 May
Massachusetts Falmouth seeks bids to move wind turbines out-of-town to generate energy and revenue 6 May
Missouri Eminent domain bill, targeting Grain Belt project, survives Senate committee vote 6 May
Pennsylvania Plan to put up wind turbines in Carbon County not sitting well with some neighbors 4 May
California Fisherman, conservationists want more research before developing wind farms 4 May
California McGuire Hosts Offshore Wind Discussion 3 May
USA New York State to hold hearing on Deepwater cable 3 May
North Carolina Senate pushes ahead with a controversial ban on wind farms in most of eastern NC 3 May
Ohio As Ohio nuclear bill advances, Democrats seek to raise renewable standard 2 May
North Dakota Landowners say helicopter killed calves 2 May
New York More wind power getting 'stuck' upstate 2 May
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