Wind turbines a potential health risk: World Health Organisation 10 Oct
Iowa Wind turbine ordinance in Cass County focuses on assessment 10 Oct
Illinois Same rhetoric at latest public hearing on wind farms 10 Oct
Pennsylvania Sound modeling expert testifies in Penn Forest wind turbine hearing 10 Oct
Wisconsin Wind energy facility in Kewaunee County no longer in operation, will be gone by 2019 9 Oct
USA Montana Montana case could set FERC precedent for paired storage treatment under PURPA 9 Oct
Michigan Wind turbine zoning researcher to help Sherwood Township 9 Oct
USA Climatic Impacts of Wind Power 9 Oct
Illinois Morgan Co. Board not accepting wind farm applications until ordinance is updated 9 Oct
New York "No Wind," says group against Galloo Island wind project 9 Oct
Australia Opponents plan to fight ambitious Crystal Brook wind, solar and battery project 9 Oct
Texas Texas is a surprising success story in America’s long battle for clean energy. That’s about to change. 8 Oct
New York Residents flock to fundraiser supporting wind farm opponents 8 Oct
Denmark Rhode Island USA Orsted buys Rhode Island offshore wind business for $510 million 8 Oct
Ontario Plympton-Wyoming mayor calls for wind companies to pay more 7 Oct
New York Wind project not good for NNY 6 Oct
Iowa Wisconsin Wisconsin regulators accept Cardinal-Hickory Creek application, start clock on review of high-voltage power line 5 Oct
USA Wind Growth after PTC Expiration 5 Oct
New York Henderson residents decry possible PILOT for wind farm 5 Oct
USA No free lunch for renewables: More wind power would warm US 5 Oct
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