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University of Delaware researcher says 'place attachment' prompts backlash against wind farm development

Firestone and his research colleagues began surveying public opinion on the Cape Wind project in 2004. He quickly learned that opposition to offshore wind farms is not a classic "not in my backyard" reaction. Instead, opposition mainly to the visual impact of turbines seen from land or from boats causes a psychological reaction known as "place attachment." Basically, it is an emotional attachment to surroundings that are familiar.
15 Jul 2010

Public should participate in BLM's 'visual inventory'

This "visual inventory" is being done through a series of public meetings so the scenic value of these lands can be considered prior to the approval of future wind energy projects. Developers have been constructing on average 200 or more wind turbines for the past several years, and the industry is looking at adding at least another 3,000 wind turbines during the next decade.
10 Jul 2010

Effort to calm storm over windfarm fears

Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and the Scottish Campaign for National Parks are angry at the latest draft of the park's local plan. They say park planners have identified large areas of sensitive, scenic landscape as suitable areas of search for windfarm developments. The conservation groups urged park authority members to declare the park a no-go area for windfarms.
25 Jun 2010

Now you see them, now you don't

Natrona County has only 11 of the 770 wind turbines in Wyoming, but their close proximity to Casper makes them a distinctive feature (they are impossible to miss), and probably will be for decades to come. Yet neither the county or Casper have any specific visual guidelines in their planning regulations concerning wind towers.
18 Jun 2010

Lake turbine plan hits rough seas; Sailors, waterfront residents oppose wind generators

The lake's sailing community is just one of the factions lining up to oppose plans from SouthPoint Wind to put turbines in the lakes in Canadian waters. Opponents have expressed concerns over the wind farms' impact on everything from property values to recreational boating to wildlife. ..."A U.S. citizen who doesn't like the way the wind farm looks across the lake can't just go into Canadian court and sue to try and stop it," said Nick Schroeck, executive director of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center.
1 Jun 2010

Baumber wind farm decision to be made during enquiry

The decision on whether to give the go ahead for Enertrag UK Ltd to locate a wind farm at Chase Farm, Baumber, is due to be made at a three-week-long public inquiry beginning on October 5. ..."We do feel strongly that this proposal at Baumber is not the right site. The countryside and old buildings of our county are very precious and it is so easy to damage them by not thinking carefully about the ways that they could change."
26 May 2010

Building a virtual wind farm

Hecklau says that the early land-based wind farms were "warmly received," by the public, but controversy has dogged each successive project, especially in the Northeast. Nowadays, there's "not an easy project anymore in the Northeast. Every project, some opposition." Projects in the Midwest, he says, receive much less opposition.
24 May 2010

A blight on beautiful Wyo landscape

I returned to Wyoming last summer after a 10-month trip. Arriving home, I was surprised and dismayed to see that tall, futuristic-appearing windmills had popped up in various parts of the Cowboy State ...the idea of windmills has not received thorough analysis. Willy-nilly construction of windmills is filled with unintended consequences harmful to Wyoming and other states in the Rocky Mountain West.
23 May 2010

HPC opposes windmills in Cape May

The city's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is wary of wind mills and wind turbines in the historic district or elsewhere in the city that would be visible from the historic district. ...Coupland said windmills would be visible since they are elevated and need clear air space and therefore were not appropriate in the city's historic district. "And maybe not in Cape May," he continued.
5 May 2010

Community council supports ban on industrializing Scarborough's waterfront

More than 20 delegates were on hand Tuesday, April 27, afternoon to share their thoughts about Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie's motion requesting city council ask the provincial and federal governments not to "industrialize" any crown lands or adjacent waterways along the Scarborough Bluffs. The goal of the motion was to prevent a wind farm from being erected offshore in Lake Ontario.
29 Apr 2010

'Treasured landscape' or site for wind turbines?

I am a sporting camp owner in the town of Highland Plantation. Our town is the site of a proposed industrial wind power facility. I am concerned about the future of the wildlands of Maine, as well as our town, since the number and scale of wind power proposals likely will affect all the mountains of Maine, leaving not a single place free of a view of 400-foot turbines.
15 Apr 2010

Cape Wind: State official says it would harm the area

State historical preservation officer Brona Simon spoke out against the Cape Wind turbine project proposed for Nantucket Sound during a hearing in Barnstable on Monday. She noted that the project is 24 to 25 square miles. "You can see the concern we have with the adverse effects of the proposal," she said. "The visual element will alter the setting outside the character of the historic properties."
24 Mar 2010

Feds hear closing comments on Cape Wind

The proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm will either make history or destroy it, according to speakers at what could be the last public hearing on the project. Barring a lawsuit sending the project back for more review, yesterday's hearing at Cape Cod Community College's Tilden Arts Center marked the final opportunity for opponents and supporters to be heard on the plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC.
23 Mar 2010

State preservation chief cites wind farm impact

The state's top historic preservation official told a federal panel yesterday that the impact of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm on Native American and other historic sites is "unparalleled'' in the state's history. It was Brona Simon's first public remarks on the Cape Wind project since issuing a formal opinion in November that Nantucket Sound should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
23 Mar 2010

Feds name Cape Wind panel

A federal panel charged with assessing Cape Wind's impact on dozens of historic sites includes an architect, an anthropologist and a Texan who runs one of the nation's largest beer distributors. Last week, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation identified a five-member Cape Wind review panel, as a final federal ruling on the controversial offshore wind farm appears on the horizon.
14 Mar 2010

Alexander warns about perils of renewable energy projects

Senator Lamar Alexander expressed concern on Tuesday over the siting of renewable energy projects during a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, of which he is the ranking member. "We've spent more than a century and billions of dollars of public and private money protecting certain landscapes and scenic areas," Sen. Alexander told Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.
9 Mar 2010

That priceless view might just be for sale

And now a wind farm in the scenic hills near the small town of Union, southeast of La Grande, is up for approvals. ...It's late in the day. We need to get a handle now on how wind power adds up -- not just in megawatts but in how much it will change Oregon's views. Otherwise, in this state where we once insisted things look different, we just might not like the way things look.
8 Mar 2010
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