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Shale gas boom leaves wind companies seeking more subsidy

The $14 billion industry, the world’s second-largest buyer of wind turbines, is reeling from a double blow -- cheap natural gas unleashed by the hydraulic fracturing revolution and the death last year of federal subsidies that made wind the most competitive of all renewable energy sources in the U.S.
6 Apr 2014

Black Fork energy project on hold, for now

Opponents of the planned Black Fork Wind Farm in northern Crawford and Richland counties can rest easy for the time being. For a variety of reasons, the project is on hold until further notice. "As far as moving forward this year or early next year, that’s not likely,” said Scott Zeimetz, a spokesperson for the Portland, Ore.-based Element Power.
6 Apr 2014

U.S. company pulls out of proposed Manitoba wind farm

The plug has been pulled on a proposed 175-megawatt wind farm that proponents say would have added more alternative energy to Manitoba and be a boon to area farmers. Ed Pakulak, the Canadian spokesman for U.S.-based Competitive Power Ventures, said Manitoba Hydro is focused on hydroelectric power.
5 Apr 2014

Wind turbine plan scaled back

RES says having “considerdered the project afresh”, which was for 22 wind turbines, it is now proposing 14 turbines. These would be positioned further away from housing than the original plans, which had prompted the formation of an action group to campaign against the plans.
5 Apr 2014

Plug pulled on wind farm; Could have had 'huge impact'

​The plug has been pulled on a proposed 175-megawatt wind farm near Manitou that would add more alternative energy to Manitoba and be a boon to farmers, a U.S. firm said. "There's no prospective view of any future wind farms to be built in the province," said Ed Pakulak, the Canadian spokesman for U.S.-based Competitive Power Ventures (CPV). 
4 Apr 2014

Wind farm regulation bill stalls in house

Rep. Nordgren said that her bill, H.B. 106, never got on the agenda in committee and she was not invited to the negotiations. She lives on Shinbone Ridge in Etowah County where the wind turbines are located and the Committee version of the legislation would not have prevented the Turbines from being built in her neighborhood, but her substitute bill would.
3 Apr 2014

Samsung Project Dead

Mayor Brian Milne says the Samsung, Pattern Energy project needed willing host status from the Township to move ahead. At last night's meeting, Milne says Council voted unanimously to stop the wind  project by declaring itself an unwilling host.
3 Apr 2014

David Cameron could make manifesto pledge to get 'rid' of wind farms

David Cameron wants to go into the next election pledging to “rid” the countryside of onshore wind farms, a source close to the Prime Minister has said. Mr Cameron wants to toughen planning laws and tear up subsidy rules to make current turbines financially unviable – allowing the Government to “eradicate” turbines, the source said.
3 Apr 2014

Hoyer confronts 'Greek tragedy' during Annapolis homecoming

Hoyer appeared at a state Senate Finance Committee hearing to speak in favor of a bill that would delay a proposed wind turbine project on farmland on Maryland's Eastern Shore, near the Chesapeake Bay. Hoyer led a parade of political and civic leaders expressing fears that the wind farm could impede critical radar testing across the bay at Patuxent River Naval Air Station -- and thus jeopardize the entire existence of the naval base, the economic driver for southern Maryland.
2 Apr 2014

With partnership in limbo, First Wind seeks to borrow $75 million

In a prepared statement, the Standard & Poor’s rating agency said the court ruling could trigger a sale of the company’s assets, or prompt Emera to divest its interest in the company. For rating purposes, it was putting the venture on its CreditWatch and said it could consolidate the joint company into First Wind. “Because we currently rate First Wind lower than Northeast Wind, it’s possible we would downgrade the company,” Standard & Poor’s said in a statement last month.
2 Apr 2014

Md. federal legislators push for wind turbine limit

Speaking in support of a bill that would limit wind turbines within varying differences from the U.S. Naval Air Station Patuxent River base in Southern Maryland, the Minority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives said limiting the height of turbines while a study is completed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be in the best interest of clean energy and Southern Maryland's economy.
1 Apr 2014
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