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Wind power for sale, but who's buying?

The developer of a proposed wind farm in Eastern Oregon is trying to find regional utilities interested in buying the power. Chicago-based Invenergy LLC plans to build as many as 280 wind turbines on private land east of Heppner. The farm could generate 500 megawatts of electricity.
29 Jan 2014

Xtreme Power bankruptcy raises warranty questions

Xtreme Power’s bankruptcy filings indicate that the company has more than $10 million in debts owed to more than 50 parties. Creditors include Arnel Investments, which is owed $3.7 million, as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, which gave the company a grant under its Section 1603 renewable energy program. The energy department is owed $372,631.
29 Jan 2014

Gamesa plant closing; 62 jobs lost; Facility opened in 2006; started layoffs in late 2009

Gamesa USA officials said Tuesday morning it will close the 8-year-old plant, located in the Cambria County Industrial Park, as the company looks to move south and west. The Madrid-based company said the move was necessary to keep energy costs low and maintain a strong market presence. Gamesa's business model, which relied heavily on federal green-energy and tax-credit subsidies, was not sustainable - even with a favorable local business environment.
29 Jan 2014

Solar energy jobs halve in two years

In an attempt to control the decline, the EU put a protective tax on on imported panels last summer. This saw lots of Chinese companies raising their costs, but it does not seem to have had much of an effect on homegrown production.
28 Jan 2014

Steve Wright: Another message from the Kingdom

Steve-wright-table-1_thumb Town votes have no standing in the Section 248 process in which the Public Service Board issues or denies a certificate of public good (CPG) for energy and telecommunications projects. Wind developers, however, have made much of communities or groups that support a project, currently three of 14 (See Table 1.). Those opposing wind development in their communities have carried the 11 other town votes. There are also towns where the local governing bodies took a negative position or the town plan prohibits industrial wind (See Tables 2 and 3.).
27 Jan 2014

Backlash grows over church’s wind farm role

Church of England commissioners are facing a growing backlash over their involvement in plans for a massive wind farm south of Hawick. The bulk of land involved, if the Scottish Government greenlights the scheme, belongs to the Church of England.
26 Jan 2014

'Renewable energy risking livelihoods in timber trade'

David Sulman is director of the Stirling-based UK Forest Products Association, which represents 60 British companies, one-third of them located in Scotland. He accused the FCS of risking "a rapid decline of the domestic wood processing industry" by failing to plan for future stocks of commercial conifers.
26 Jan 2014

Company confident on proposed wind farm, despite lawsuit

A Minnesota company could start construction on the proposed Green River wind farm in Whiteside and Lee counties late this year or in 2015, a company executive said Thursday. A similar timeline exists for the Walnut Ridge farm in northern Bureau County, which Geronimo bought last year, said Tim Polz, the company’s vice president.
24 Jan 2014

Coleman: Wind application fails to address Logan County roads

A letter filed by Logan County Engineer Scott Coleman with the Ohio Power Siting Board says that wind developer Everpower neglected to address Logan County roads in its original application.“It appears that the transportation study submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board failed to address Logan County roads. However, several Logan County roads are being used according to the mapping included in the application.”
22 Jan 2014

Public meeting will debate plan for 13 wind turbines at Fulbeck Airfield

VETO spokesman John Cooke said: “VETO will work closely with the reVOLT group as sadly many people will be directly affected by both plans. However, we do need a separate group for three reasons: we need to quickly make the community aware that this is another, different and way more significant development. It is also at a much earlier stage than Temple Hill and finally the Fulbeck Airfield project is so large, it straddles two District County Council areas.”
21 Jan 2014

Germany plans 2.5GW onshore cap

German onshore wind energy is to be effectively capped at 2.5GW per year by reducing support if the capacity installed exceeds this amount. ...The amended Renewable Energy Act is due to take effect on 1 August 2014, according to a economy ministry "cornerstone" paper, due for discussion by the government later this week.
20 Jan 2014

Wind power supporters plan to release report on benefits

"We believe Environment NH, the wind industry and now, evidently, Rep. Backus are misstating the purpose and intent of the bill before the Legislature," Wind Watch said in a statement. "HB 580 aims to protect NH's environment and our unique scenic landscape from the apparent reckless placement of wind energy facilities by allowing the time needed to develop proper siting guidelines.
20 Jan 2014

Broken Bow wind farm contracts with NPPD

NPPD is buying the entire output. It will then turn around and sell 60 percent to the Omaha Public Power District and keep the rest for its customers. The move will bring NPPD to within 23 megawatts of its goal of having 10 percent of its electricity come from renewable resources by 2020.
19 Jan 2014

Monstrous machines sucking taxpayer dollars

Wind was the largest recipient of taxpayer dollars and other energy generators don’t even come close. Coal, oil and gas can survive without subsidies. Wind and solar cannot. Take the subsidies away from wind energy and it is no longer financially viable. The question the wind energy industry will not answer is, “Can the wind industry survive if taxpayer subsidies disappear?”
17 Jan 2014
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