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Samsung Deal Dead

Mayor Milne says it appears the wind turbine project is dead, but you never know if council will bring it up for discussion again in the future. According to the township's bylaw they need a two-thirds vote to reconsider any decision of council.
20 Jun 2014

Turbines spin without approval in West Lincoln

"The ministry has told the company not to operate while the amendment application is under review," said Kim Groombridge, MOE district supervisor for Niagara. "They are operating out of compliance." The project was delayed after it was discovered that several of the turbines were built closer than the 95-metre property line setback.
19 Jun 2014

Proposed wind farm faces group opposition

“The people at We-Care who contacted me are looking for some balanced information, information that may be different from the public relations machines that get behind these projects to solicit investors and landowners,” Schleck said. “Not everything is going to be flowers and roses."
19 Jun 2014

Wind company encounters opposition in Alexandria

What was supposed to be a brief discussion with the selectmen, though, turned into an often-contentious question-and-answer session with a group of about 40 disgruntled town and area residents. Repeatedly, audience members issued the same message to the company. “You are not wanted here,” said resident Bob Piehler.
19 Jun 2014

No to Cape Wind

Not only would Cape Wind burden taxpayers and ratepayers with its high costs, it would outsource jobs abroad. For example, rather than utilizing local Massachusetts businesses such as Mass Tank, the production of turbine foundations has been outsourced to Germany, and manufacturing jobs to build the turbines have been outsourced to Siemens in Denmark.
18 Jun 2014

Cleburne County Residents near proposed wind mill farm sue developers

The lawsuit was filed June 2 by neighbors of the properties being explored as possible sites for wind turbines. The lawsuit states that the project “will destroy some of Cleburne County’s most scenic areas,” as well as diminish area property values, and cause irreparable harm to the adjoining landowners due to flashing blades, low frequency noise, wind turbine syndrome and space and motion discomfort.
18 Jun 2014

Shelburne left in the dark by wind project

The Town of Shelburne has received little in the way of co-operation from the project’s proponents. And, as was evidenced during a regular scheduled council meeting on Monday, the municipal government is fed up with the lack of attention. The town has yet to receive project drawings, traffic mitigation plans, or an outline of potential measures to ensure the environment’s protection
17 Jun 2014

Third wind farm company to approach Alexandria

(NH) Wind Watch members will be at the meeting to ensure that EDP knows residents in the towns have repeatedly voted against new wind power projects in the area. Opponents to the projects say they are not against wind power, but the three projects proposed are in clear view of Newfound Lake and Cardigan Mountain hikers.
17 Jun 2014

Renewable Energy - It’s Complicated

Conclusion: the wind industry in Kansas, its existence and survival, is purely political in nature.  It exists only because of government mandate and significant government subsidy.  Isn’t it time to move from the political to the analytical?  It’s not simple; It’s not free; It’s expensive; It’s complicated.
16 Jun 2014

Old friends face off in Oklahoma wind farm debate

Robson is spending money on the fight, too. He has hired two lobbyists to counter representatives of wind energy, employs a marketing expert and is starting an effort called WindWaste to publicize the state’s wind policies. “They’re sucking all of the money out of the state budget to subsidize the wind energy,” Robson said. “Let them be like we are in business. If they make a profit, they should pay a tax.” Land tax oversight
15 Jun 2014

Wirt plans to revisit wind farm development

The company was scheduled to present to the town board earlier this week, but conflicts forced the company to reschedule, said Kean Stimm, Kean Wind Turbine founder. Kean Wind will reschedule with the town to conduct a presentation in the area during the fall.
14 Jun 2014

What’s in dispute about wind turbine project?

Cohen said Wednesday his company has not yet selected turbines for the project, which the company hopes to complete next year, but is now considering the most advanced technology on the market. Those turbines could stand about 690 feet tall, Cohen said. That is about twice the height the Navy has said would be acceptable with regard to sensitive radar testing in the area.
13 Jun 2014

No pension money for wind farms

Asset manager APG, the Netherlands biggest pension fund manager, will not invest in wind farms ...wind turbine technology is too new and government subsidies too uncertain to achieve the necessary return on any investment.
13 Jun 2014

San Leandro company to install four short wind turbine towers

Heron Bay Homeowners Association won its lawsuit when a judge agreed that San Leandro should have required an environmental review before approving the tall turbine in April 2013. But Halus Power Systems now will put up four 60-foot turbines within the industrial area's height limit, so no special permission or environmental review is required.
13 Jun 2014
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