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Wind developers can be intimidating

It's time to speak plainly and without fear of the obviousness of this unprecedented situation, as each and every day another portion of a concerned and well-meaning public is carefully exposed to the ‘green’ idea of commercial wind power.
1 Sep 2005

Force 10

Elizabeth_mann_pages_1-30_thumb "This book is about the emergence of what I term the New Lambton Wyrm and the threat it brings to the special character and qualities of our county. The firm Ernst and Young has recently identified the UK as the best market for wind in the world due to its combination of wind resource, strong offshore regime and the extension of the Renewables Obligation to 15% by 2015 (BWEA UK Market Overview) This commercial exploitation of wind energy is proving a curse to the whole of the UK. The public has been deluded and deceived."
1 Sep 2005

Friction over forest

It's not easy to strike a balance, and that's where the friction arises. In Vermont, it is playing out as the U.S. Forest Service is faced with delivering a new management plan for the Green Mountain National Forest, a 400,000-acre parcel of public land in central and southern Vermont.
21 Aug 2005

GE Turns Green

Ge_windmills_thumb "Jeffrey Immelt is pushing windmills, water filters, nuclear power and cleaner turbines and jet engines. Has General Electric gone eco-mad?
15 Aug 2005

A Practical Analysis of the Merits of Wind Power on Glebe (Magic) Mountain

Wind power is an idea that is appealing to the imagination. It sounds like a "free" source of energy that would be non-polluting and stable in cost. I am an optimist, and I love technology. If I thought for one moment that windmills would be a source of low cost energy, I would be building them. The reality is quite the contrary--wind power is wasteful of human and natural resources.
1 Aug 2005
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