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Mars Hill- Map of Turbine Locations

Mars_hill_devastation-photo___map_(2)_thumb Dan Boone created this image using the digital USGS 7.5-minute topographic map mosaic for Aroostook County, ME (from NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway) and incorporated the turbine and met tower locations according to lat-long coordinates provided in FAA's 7460-1 database for this facility - e.g., . Note that the 28 1.5-MW wind turbines are under construction during the last months of 2006 by Evergreen Wind Power, LLC; according to FAA they are slated to be 389 feet in overall height (from ground level to highest point of rotor). As indicated, the photo of Mars Hill Turbine #9 is available via this link: ; which provides a south-looking view of the north end of Mars Hill.
27 Nov 2006

Shetland Simulation

Aith1_thumb ISLANDERS in Shetland will have the chance for the first time this weekend to see how a 600MW windfarm would affect the isles' landscape. Ever since the massive project was first mooted almost three years ago, public debate has been slow to get started. Today (Saturday 9/2/06) managers behind the Viking Energy project will exhibit computer generated images at the Shetland Showcase Exhibition, in the Lerwick Clickimin Centre. A comprehensive consultation website at, designed to interact with the public, is also to go live at the weekend. The project has already been branded as far too big for Shetland by one local environmental campaigner.
2 Sep 2006

2006 aerial image of Maple Ridge wind site (after)

2006_aerial_flat_rock_thumb This aerial image was taken on July 30, 2006 and shows a portion of the land area following construction of Phase 1 of the Maple Ridge wind energy facility (near Lowville, NY). We are informed that several wind turbines have been erected within the area covered by the image after the photo was taken. Viewers can use the scale to estimate the approximate width cleared for a turbine base. Source: USDA's National Agricultural Imagery Program
30 Jul 2006
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