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Planning commission to review wind energy regulations

Edwards reminded the commission of the wind energy facility permitting authority the Wyoming Legislature gave counties in 2010. He said that is the most authority the Legislature has given the counties in terms of regulating anything. “Part of that reasoning is because it is such a local issue and affects local people much greater than everything else,” Edwards said. He added that the county cannot regulate things like mining and water quality, “but it does have the authority to fully permit and regulate wind energy facilities.”
27 May 2020

What’s the future of Albany County? You decide.

Current Albany County regulations are outdated and not stringent enough to accommodate the increase in height and volume of projected turbines, and obviously will not protect our residents, historic landmarks, or state parks. Other Wyoming counties have adjusted their regulations to evolve with the changes in the industry in order to protect their residents and natural resources. Citizens of Albany County deserve that same protection.
14 Apr 2020

Planning commission takes no action on wind moratorium

The moratorium was proposed in order to allow the commission time to examine the county’s wind energy development regulations and make changes to modernize them. The existing regulations were adopted in March 2009. The demand to look at the county regulations stems from a new potential wind energy development project called Rail Tie Wind Project.
12 Mar 2020

Albany County residents ask for moratorium on wind projects

The purpose of the moratorium, as expressed by the residents during the Feb. 12 meeting, is to give the county a chance to evaluate and revise its wind energy regulations. The matter of wind regulations arose as residents found out about the Rail Tie Wind Project. Powered by a Houston-based renewable energy company named ConnectGen, the project will be located on private and state lands near U.S. Highway 287 outside of Tie Siding — if the project passes federal, state and county permitting processes.
18 Feb 2020

Commissioners nix wind energy changes, support fire ban

The Commission had earlier been approached by Aaron Branam, project manager for EDP Renewables of North America LLC, regarding changes to the county’s land use plans pertaining to wind energy regulations. The commissioners were unanimous in their decision to not change the regulations, citing the welfare of the county’s citizens, environmental impacts, and land values as factors in their decisions.
3 Aug 2017

Wind energy regulations approved

Costello said the proposed amendments are based on small wind energy system regulations in other counties throughout the state and region. "They take into account current standards that are pretty much nationwide," he said. "It's nice to consider the rights of the person who wants to put up a wind tower, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the neighbors."
5 Oct 2011

Permitting concerns swirl

Person after person, many of who were members of the Northern Laramie Range Alliance, spoke against wind energy development in Converse County ...Kenneth Lay read a statement that said, in part, "I'm here today with many other citizens because the action you are considering is one of the most important in our recent history. It's important because industrial scale wind energy generation is transforming Converse County and not for the better."
4 Nov 2010

Wind farm zoning rules put on hold

The Campbell County Commission has decided to take three more weeks to discuss wind farm zoning regulations before voting on emergency wind rules that it thinks will ensure safe and responsible wind energy development in Campbell County. The commissioners want to pass the wind farm regulations soon so they will be in place before construction starts in August on the first wind farm in Campbell County.
16 Jun 2010

Wyoming wind farm standards possible

The Wyoming Legislature might soon consider creating minimum standards for wind development statewide, a move that might have implications for future Cowboy State wind farms that could supply power to Colorado utilities. ...A Wyoming legislative task force on wind energy has recommended regulating wind development across the state because a lack of regulation could impact both quality of life and the environment, according to a task force report issued Nov. 1.
10 Nov 2009
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