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Renewable energy power-line projects win final approval from BLM

In a statement, Alex Daue, assistant director for energy and climate for the Wilderness Society, said the two newly approved routes “unnecessarily destroy wilderness-quality lands in northwest Colorado and eastern Nevada, as well as greater sage-grouse habitat. Readily available alternative routes could have minimized or eliminated these impacts by following highways and designated utility corridors.”
14 Dec 2016

Wyoming wind gridlock

Why on earth would anyone want to get into the costly, complicated business of wind generation and transmission? ...The business case is to bring renewable energy from Wyoming to California. But like anything else, that remains to be seen, so it is a gamble.
28 Aug 2014

Infrastructure needed before wind turbines

What needs to happen first, however, is the infrastructure of the site, said Kara Choquette, director of Communications for Power Company of Wyoming, the company behind the project. Without roads and a rail facility to transport parts and labor, there can be no wind farm, Choquette said.
21 Sep 2013

BLM advances major Wyo.-to-Nev. project as Obama admin pushes renewable energy

BLM's preferred alternative would take the line across the agency-managed Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area east of Las Vegas. The 10,240-acre ISA is a popular hiking destination and includes Gypsum Cave, which BLM says holds some of the earliest evidence of human inhabitance in the western United States. Running the line though Sunrise Mountain "may entail congressional legislation modifying the designation," according to the draft EIS.
3 Jul 2013

Big bet on Wyoming wind: Phil Anschutz's latest $9 billion idea

Phil Anschutz - who has made money out of everything from a well explosion to a failing railroad - is looking to wager $9 billion on the fierce winds of Wyoming. Anschutz's Power Company of Wyoming is seeking to build the nation's largest wind farm and then ship the power to California over a 725-mile transmission line, the longest to be built in decades.
20 Jan 2013

New wind transmission approach urged

Rather than see building more transmission as the solution, though, Bowman sees its drawbacks as a symptom of a bigger problem: a highly centralized power system. "I'm going to predict the day of very large transmission lines to carry energy from remote areas to urban centers are about over," he said. "What I do think you'll see happen is smaller projects that are built to accommodate the existing system you have in the rural electric districts and to move that power to the cities that way. I think there will be a different model."
3 Dec 2011

Panel rejects eminent domain ban for Wyoming wind developers

The House Minerals Committee on Monday indefinitely postponed legislation that would have imposed another one-year moratorium on non-utility companies' ability to use eminent domain when building collector lines to wind turbine sites. State lawmakers voted last year to create a one-year moratorium on the practice; that moratorium ends July 1.
25 Jan 2011

Build power line in existing corridor

Wyoming's ambitions to become a major exporter of electricity carry with them some negatives along with the positives. One of the negatives is the fact that more power lines are going to crisscross the state. In some cases, that will mean traversing private land whose owners don't want the lines, public land where people don't want to see them for aesthetic reasons, and habitat that sustains a variety of Wyoming's prized wildlife.
25 Jun 2010

Residents speak out against power line route

"It's absolutely ridiculous to site these lines around houses, especially around homes that people have spent their entire life savings on," Walker told Gov. Dave Freudenthal during a town meeting Thursday night in Kemmerer. ...Leaders in Wyoming's wind energy industry want to connect turbines to the power grid and to export more electrical generation out of the state.
19 Jun 2010

Governor addresses wind energy, transmission concerns

Freudenthal noted the visual impact that wind farms, as well as the transmission lines they require, will have on Wyoming's landscape, has been a major cause for concern with landowners and residents in the state. "We're having a different response to it entirely," he said, when comparing wind energy construction to other energy development ..."[People are] having a real problem with adjusting to the idea that the landscape is going to be visually different than it was in the past."
27 May 2010
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