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Mead says changing wind energy tax unlikely

Mead has expressed concern that the higher taxes might make wind energy companies look outside Wyoming. Nonetheless, the Legislature's Joint Revenue Interim Committee last fall rejected the governor's proposal to continue the tax exemption for wind energy projects while imposing a lower 2 percent impact fee on wind projects to support county governments.
27 Jan 2012

Wyoming House narrowly passes wind bill on second reading

State Rep. Mike Madden, R-Buffalo, said he was worried about the state fronting money to an industry that has yet to prove itself viable and is reliant on federal subsidies. "We've never gotten involved in an industry where we shared the risk," Madden said. "We're saying to wind companies, ‘We're going to put money into this impact fund, and we're betting on you being around 20 to 25 years to pay us back.' But what if we're wrong?"
5 Feb 2011

Wyoming House committee moves wind energy tax bill

Terry Weickum, chairman of the Carbon County Commission, spoke against the bill. "You must recognize that these huge wind farms are going to change the landscape of Wyoming forever," Weickum said. He said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management reports that companies are working on scoping for 54 wind farms in his county currently.
3 Feb 2011

Wind tax debate not over in Wyoming

Companies that erect huge and sometimes disruptive wind turbines, Freudenthal believes, should pay for the right to do so. Lawmakers agreed, approving a tax of $1 per megawatt hour of wind energy production, initially estimated to generate $4 million a year to be divided between the counties and the state.
19 Oct 2010

Against the wind? Wyoming tax policy, other factors drive slowdown in wind farm construction, industry says

Completion of Top of the World and Dunlap I could mark a turning point for Wyoming's fledgling wind energy industry. Both Duke Energy and Rocky Mountain Power say they have no further plans to plant wind turbines in Wyoming. ...Picard said the tone of the current policy discussion on wind energy in Wyoming seems to be very anti-wind.
18 Oct 2010

Four tax appeals angers Gov. Dave

Duke Energy's dispute with tax assessments over its wind farms in Laramie and Converse counties could impact nearly $15 million worth of property assessments in Laramie County alone. ...Gov. Dave Freudenthal is appalled by the tax dispute. The company boasted how much it would contribute in property taxes.
13 Sep 2010

Wind energy tax appeal puts counties in a bind

Converse County's experience with Duke Energy and property taxes the company owes should serve as a cautionary tale for all Wyoming counties counting on wind energy development to improve their economy. It should also spur state lawmakers to re-examine tax exemptions they've approved to help bring more wind farms to Wyoming.
10 Sep 2010

Wind energy company's appeals raise questions about state's tax, distribution approach

During a recent hearing of the Legislature's Joint Revenue Interim Committee, co-chairman John Schiffer, R-Kaycee, said he believes Duke may have knowingly supplied false information under oath in its past testimony to the Industrial Siting Council. "Now it appears the people who testified for Duke Energy were not straightforward with their testimony, and I object to that," Schiffer said in a phone interview.
5 Sep 2010

Wind farm project not expected to provide much impact money

Unlike recent power plant construction projects in Campbell County, the wind farm being built 35 miles south of Gillette isn't expected to create much impact assistance money for local governments. The Wyoming Industrial Siting Council has said the only communities that will be affected are the town of Wright, Campbell County and the City of Gillette.
16 May 2010

Death, taxes and Wyoming wind

Now, visualize row upon row of wind turbines on some of our most precious vistas and landscapes -- the Chugwater Bluffs, the Laramie Range, Elk Mountain, and the Upper North Platte River Valley. This is not the Wyoming we want. If we are not careful, this is the Wyoming we may get. The governor and Legislature have demonstrated good leadership on this issue. This needs to continue.
25 Apr 2010

Wind rules for state lands sail through

Proposed rules for commercial wind-energy production on state trust lands have met with a minimum of concern in a series of hearings across the state. The Office of State Lands and Investments held a hearing in Cheyenne on Thursday on draft rules that will eventually be presented to the Board of Land Commissioners.
19 Mar 2010

Wyoming House gives first OK to wind energy tax

Wyoming House of Representatives gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a bill that would impose the nation's first state excise tax on wind energy generation. ...Supporters said Wyoming should levy a wind generation tax to provide revenue for state and county governments and to provide regulatory certainty for the burgeoning wind industry.
17 Feb 2010

Panel trims wind tax by two-thirds

The Joint Revenue Committee voted Monday morning to cut the proposed excise tax on wind energy from $3 per megawatt hour to $1 per megawatt hour. Committee members also voted not to collect any taxes until 2012 -- rather than 2011 as initially suggested -- and to not impose any excise taxes on a wind turbine until its third year of operation.
16 Feb 2010
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