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Project progress, impacts discussed at energy meeting

Doelger said there are a couple of big issues currently. One of the issues are the transmission lines in California. With the new administration in California, there is a lot of uncertainty with the market, he said. Doelger said Pathfinder is dedicating a lot of resources to California to sell their product there. The other issue is taxes in Wyoming.
11 Feb 2011

Eminent domain bill advances to Wyoming Senate floor

State Rep. Kermit Brown, the Laramie Republican sponsoring the bill, said allowing the current one-year moratorium to expire on July 1 would raise landowners' wariness of eminent domain when dealing with wind developers on land leases to build collector lines. Brown said landowners want more time to develop a plan for legislators' consideration.
11 Feb 2011

Wyoming House narrowly passes wind bill on second reading

State Rep. Mike Madden, R-Buffalo, said he was worried about the state fronting money to an industry that has yet to prove itself viable and is reliant on federal subsidies. "We've never gotten involved in an industry where we shared the risk," Madden said. "We're saying to wind companies, ‘We're going to put money into this impact fund, and we're betting on you being around 20 to 25 years to pay us back.' But what if we're wrong?"
5 Feb 2011

Wyoming House committee moves wind energy tax bill

Terry Weickum, chairman of the Carbon County Commission, spoke against the bill. "You must recognize that these huge wind farms are going to change the landscape of Wyoming forever," Weickum said. He said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management reports that companies are working on scoping for 54 wind farms in his county currently.
3 Feb 2011

Panel rejects eminent domain ban for Wyoming wind developers

The House Minerals Committee on Monday indefinitely postponed legislation that would have imposed another one-year moratorium on non-utility companies' ability to use eminent domain when building collector lines to wind turbine sites. State lawmakers voted last year to create a one-year moratorium on the practice; that moratorium ends July 1.
25 Jan 2011

Don't separate wind rights, surface rights

Wyoming has already seen many negative effects of the "split estate" concept, which allows mineral rights to be sold separately from surface rights. Five years ago the Legislature passed a law that requires developers to make reasonable accommodation of existing surface uses, which has greatly reduced some -- but not all -- of the conflicts. "It's taken 125 years to sort out the relationship just between the mineral owners and the surface owners." noted Dennis Stickley, a University of Wyoming law professor. "We'll have another 100 years of litigation and conflicts between wind rights and surface rights."
7 Dec 2010

Wyoming bill would create wind energy rights

State legislators are drafting a bill that would set the groundwork for wind energy law in Wyoming, including establishing wind energy property rights alongside surface and mineral rights. The bill would also prevent Wyoming landowners from selling their wind energy rights separate from their surface rights, as some property owners in the state have already done.
6 Dec 2010

Where's the wind farm?

Construction of the first wind farm in Campbell County was supposed to start in September, but the company building it has put the project on hold indefinitely. ...But in the months following the council's decision plans changed ...The wind industry has taken a hit across the country because the recession depressed electricity demand and the lack of consistent federal legislation.
2 Dec 2010

Converse County approves wind farm regulations

The Converse County Commissioners faced a largely hostile crowd last week at a public hearing, and a subsequent vote, on the county's new commercial wind tower regulations. The hearing came as a controversial 62-tower wind generator project ...makes its way through local and state governments.
26 Nov 2010

Wind permitting OK'd

The commissioners voted 5-0 Nov. 15 at a special meeting to approve a revised draft of permitting guidelines. Those guidelines reiterate state statute in most instances but differ in a few. ...The commissioners also increased the setback to 10 times the height of the tower from a "permanent" residential dwelling or occupied structure.
19 Nov 2010

Permitting concerns swirl

Person after person, many of who were members of the Northern Laramie Range Alliance, spoke against wind energy development in Converse County ...Kenneth Lay read a statement that said, in part, "I'm here today with many other citizens because the action you are considering is one of the most important in our recent history. It's important because industrial scale wind energy generation is transforming Converse County and not for the better."
4 Nov 2010
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