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Health director shouldn't ignore victims

Mueller needs to take action based on evidence in her own community. Fond du Lac County has seen a long list of people filing complaints about wind turbine noise and the resulting health effects. Ignoring evidence that should be relied upon from direct witnesses, residents who have been pleading before the Board of Health at meeting after meeting, is not the way a health officer should respond.
10 Jul 2016

Wind power's Wisconsin dry spell may be ending

The project, valued at about $200 million, would generate up to 99 megawatts of electricity, or just barely under the threshold that would require it to obtain a permit from the state Public Service Commission. Tutos says permits for the project have been in hand for years but the project is moving ahead now that EDP is in "advanced stages" of negotiating an agreement to sell the power generated by the wind farm.
12 Mar 2016

Brown County Board of Health member appointed

Positions on the board, though unpaid, are considered key because the panel has oversight of issues such as complaints about possible health effects from the Shirley Wind Farm in southern Brown, and odors near the Sanimax plant near the Howard-Green Bay line.
21 Jan 2016

Wind's power generates negativity

Three or four decades ago, we were all warned that the world would soon run out of oil, so we should pursue alternative energy – solar power, wind power, nuclear power, tidal power. All the talk about alternative sources of energy was exciting. I thought then an electric car would be neat, if it could travel more than 40 miles or so. I also thought it would great to have a roof that converts sunlight into all the electricity one needs to run a home.
9 Jun 2015

Wind siting report not to be trusted

For the policy update section of the report, the majority voted to exclude any discussion of noise limits and setback distances used by other countries, even though much of the empirical research in the report was conducted in Europe where noise and setback limits are more restrictive than in Wisconsin. Consequently, the report presents an apples-to-oranges comparison, rendering its conclusions largely irrelevant for informing Wisconsin wind siting policymaking. Finally, the majority voted to make NO recommendations to the legislature, despite a significant number of important recommendations for legislative changes that the minority deemed necessary and submitted for inclusion in the report. The resulting WSC report amounts to nothing more than wind industry propaganda. Don’t trust it.
5 Jan 2015

Mukwonago company finds its place in the wind turbine industry

Gearboxes can fail in their first three to five years if there was a design flaw, or within six to 10 years from general wear and tear. Each year a growing segment of the wind turbine market ages and gets closer to gearbox failures, Neumiller said. ..."We're seeing the wear-related failures now and our customers' failure rates are increasing rapidly."
20 Jun 2014

Public Service Commission approves wind farm northwest of Eau Claire

If the project moves forward to construction, the Highland Wind Farm would consist of up to 44 wind turbines, generating 102.5 megawatts of electricity. It would be built in the towns of Forest and Cylon, nearly 60 miles northwest of Eau Claire. Peter McKeever, a lawyer for Forest Voice, a group that opposes the project, said it will need to review the commission's final decision before deciding whether to file an appeal in court.
27 Sep 2013

PSC reopens Highland Wind Farm hearing

In reopening the hearing, Montgomery said any additional testimony or proofs would be limited to the single issue of noise generated by the turbines. He said he remains concerned that six of the proposed turbines would be located near homes with potentially "sensitive" individuals and that ensuring turbines meet state standards should be the job of the developer.
10 May 2013

Small town caught in wind farm vortex pays $50,000 to settle suit over sign ordinance

Plans for more of the giant turbines have spun up a deep philosophical split between neighbors who favor or oppose wind farms. As more towers arose, so did big yard signs opposing wind energy ...On Tuesday, their attorneys, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, announced that town and its insurers agreed to pay the couples $30,000, plus $20,000 in attorney fees.
1 May 2013

Wind developer seeks rehearing after Wisconsin PSC's split decision

A wind farm developer is making one more effort to persuade state regulators that the turbines it wants to build will meet Wisconsin's noise standards. In a filing with the state Public Service Commission, Emerging Energies said it was providing new information demonstrating it could comply with a 45-decibel noise standard at night for nearby homes.
5 Apr 2013
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