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Professional Caution to Brown County Health Director Chua Xiong

Rand_to_evans_and_tibbetts_23feb16_631pm_thumb In this powerful letter to the Brown County, Wisconsin Health Board, acoustician Robert Rand explains his obligations under INCE Rules of Practice to notify the appropriate authorities if he believes his professional judgment pertaining to human health impacts has been overruled. In this instance, Mr. Rand is responding to a decision by the county's health officer, Chua Xiong, to rule against the work of the Health Board and find that there is insufficient evidence to show a relationship between wind turbines and health concerns. Mr, Rand was one of four acousticians who studied the noise issues at the Shirley Wind facility. The final report showed that all of those involved with the study, including acousticians who work largely for the wind industry, agreed they had found sufficient evidence to classify low-frequency noise and infrasound emanating from the turbines as a serious issue.
23 Feb 2016

Direct Testimony of Paul D. Schomer re: Highland Wind proposal

Paulschomer-highlandtestimony072913_thumb In testimony provided before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission in reference to the Highland Wind Farm proposal (102.5 megawatts), acoustician Paul Schomer provides important perspective on why modern wind turbines installed today are creating a greater risk to nearby residents. Excerpts of his testimony are provided below. The full testimony can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.
29 Jul 2013

Wisconsin Citizens Safe Wind Siting Guidelines

Wisconsin-citizens-safe-wind-siting-guidelines_thumb These guidelines were developed based on a need to protect Wisconsin Citizens. The population densities in the areas that most interest wind developers are much higher in Wisconsin than in other parts of the country. Wisconsin citizens are forced to live within wind generation facilities and among industrial wind turbines to a much greater extent than those in other states. The guidelines place the health of the people of Wisconsin first.
6 Dec 2011

Ground Current Investigation at Denmark, WI Residences

Stetzer-ground-current-denmark-wi_thumb This important report documents the finding of 'stray voltage' in the vicinity of the Shirley Wind Energy facility located in Brown County, Wisconsin. Shirley Wind was placed in service in 2011 and consists of eight Nordex 2.5 wind turbines. The facility was developed by developed by Emerging Energies LLC but is now owned and operated by Duke Energy. A portion of the report is provided below. The full report can be downloaded from this page. 
28 Nov 2011

Siting of wind turbines with respect to noise emissions and their health and welfare effects on humans

Horojeffreportfinal_thumb This report, prepared by Acoustics and Noise Control expert Richard D. Horonjeff, explains how turbine noise differs from other types of noises within a community. The information was submitted to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. An excerpt of the report is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking on one of the links at the bottom of this page.
6 Jul 2010

Health effects of wind turbine noise: Wisconsin

Foldy051310_thumb Attorney Edward S. Marion submitted this letter to Wisconsin's State Health Officer and Administrator, Dr. Seth Foldy. The letter, prepared on behalf of Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy, Inc., provides the Wisconsin Department of Public Health ('DPH') with evidence that wind turbine noise is a threat to human health and asks the DPH to conduct a formal epidemiological study of the health effects of wind turbine noise from existing wind farms in Wisconsin.
13 May 2010

Ann Wirtz and Jason Wirtz v. Invenergy LLC

Wirtzcomplaintcorrectedfiling_thumb Ann Wirtz and Jason Wirtz, 324 Oakview Circle, Oakfield, WI, on behalf of themselves and their children, Joshua, Kayla, Annalise, and Megan, requested that the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin order Invenergy LLC to compensate them for injuries sustained as a result of the operations of the Forward Wind Energy Center (the "FWEC"). Invenergy filed this response before the PSC and ultimately, the PSC ruled against the Wirtz family claiming it did not have the authority to hear personal injury and property damage claims. . 
1 Apr 2010

Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship initial brief regarding proposed Glacial Hills wind facility

Cwestinitialbrief_thumb The Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship("CWESt") opposes the application of Wisconsin Electric Power Company ("WEPCO") for a certificate of public convenience and necessity ("CPCN") to construct a wind electric generation facility to be known as the Glacier Hills Wind Park ("Glacier Hills"). First, the project would be a threat to human health and safety because of wind turbine noise and shadow flicker. Second, the project would substantially and unfairly reduce real property values. The Commission may not issue a CPCN without first determining that the project would promote the public health and welfare. Application of Wisconsin Electric Power Company for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Construct a Wind Electric Generation Facility and Associated Electric Facilities, to be Located in Fond du Lac County, Docket no. 6630-CE-294 (2007) (following Clean Wisconsin, Inc. v. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, 2005 WI 93, ¶ 35). The evidence shows that, rather than promote the public health and welfare, this project threatens it. The full brief can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
24 Nov 2009

Trempealeau County: Wind generator and wind generating facility ordinance (WI)

Ord_-_wind_ordinance_11-28-07_thumb This ordinance was adopted by the Trempealeau County Board in a 10-6 vote (see: ). The ordinance distinguishes between three types of wind turbines including hobbyist, personal, and commercial. Commercial turbines include a 1-mile setback from habitable structures. The ordinance provides a comprehensive section on noise level limits for the turbines including specific requirements pertaining to pre- and post- construction noise studies. The adopted ordinance which can be downloaded below was sent to IWA by the Trempealeau County Clerk Paul L. Syverson.
17 Dec 2007

Wind Siting Reform Policy: Comments on Electric Generation and Supply templates regarding turbine noise

07-12-14_response_to_task_force_final_thumb The State of Wisconsin Task Force on Wind Siting Reform is reviewing guidelines for the siting of utility-scale wind energy facilities, including development of a model wind ordinance. Noise experts Richard James (E-Coustic Solutions) and George Kamperman (Kamperman Associates, Inc.) submitted comments to the task force. The deadline for comments was December 14, 2007. The Wisconsin draft model wind ordinance can be accessed at
13 Dec 2007

What have I done?

What_have_i_done_2_thumb This compelling message appeared in an advertisement run in the October 25, 2007 issue of the Times-Journal newspaper in Wisconsin. A .pdf copy of the ad can be accessed by clicking on the below link. IWA has authenticated this ad. It was written by Don Bangert of Chilton, Wisconsin following a 2 hour interview with a landowner in Northeast Fond du Lac County. The landowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, approved the text for publication.
25 Oct 2007

Comments for the Lincoln Township Wind Turbine Survey

Commentslincolntownship_thumb Lincoln Township in Wisconsin sent a survey to its residents to help assess the impacts of 22 turbines installed by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC) and Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E), which went online in June 1999. A summary of the survey comments received is provided in the attached document. After the wind turbines went online, the Lincoln Township Board of Supervisors approved a moratorium on new turbine construction.
15 May 2001
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