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Wind farm proposal rejected, PSC cites noise concerns

State regulators on Thursday rejected an application to build a new wind farm in St. Croix County, citing concerns about turbine noise the project would generate for nearby homes. The state Public Service Commission voted 2-to-1 to reject Emerging Energies’ proposal to build the Highland wind farm, which was proposed to generate 102.5 megawatts of power from 41 turbines.
14 Feb 2013

Officials continue to urge additional testing at Shirley Wind Farm amid health concerns

The PSC decision does not mean further testing is off the table at Shirley. The Wisconsin Towns Association adopted a resolution asking the Public Service Commission to enact a moratorium to prevent wind turbines from being permitted and installed until further studies are done that investigate the link between turbines and health concerns.
3 Feb 2013

'Big Wind' is today's 'Big Tobacco'

While society said "enough" when it comes to smoking, especially as it pertains to public spaces and second-hand smoke, the wind industry unapologetically continues to force its harmful product on Wisconsin families - not just intruding on public spaces, but primarily invading people's homes with devastating effects.
25 Jan 2013

Study finds 'dangerous levels' of noise from turbines

A Public Service Commission study has found what one Wisconsin lawmaker classifies as "dangerous levels" of wind turbine-generated low frequency noise or infrasound at the Shirley Wind Project. Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, has called on the Public Service Commission to issue an emergency rule to immediately suspend the permitting process for wind projects.
1 Jan 2013

Wind storm brewing in Manitowoc County

"When the turbine blades face our house, my wife and youngest son get terrible headaches that don't go away unless they go into our basement," said Ben Schauer, who lives in the town of Glenmore near the cluster of turbines ...Schauer said it would be impossible for him and his family to move out. "I would go bankrupt trying to pay two mortgages," he said.
8 Oct 2012

Sen. Lasee: Responds to attack by wind special interest groups

If the members of WEBA (Wisconsin Energy Business Association) are being honest about their belief that wind turbines do not cause negative health effects, then I suppose I will have three very happy families in my district. The WEBA members can buy the homes these families have been forced to abandon at fair market value before the IWT's were built and move in or resell them for what they can get now.
13 Jul 2012

Wisconsin business group wants state senator to end ‘war on wind’

A Wisconsin state senator wants to reopen debate on the state’s years-long effort to establish uniform wind siting rules, and representatives from the renewable energy industry say they’ve had enough. ...Sen. Lasee, a Republican from De Pere, this week brought four people before the state’s Public Service Commission to discuss health problems they attribute to the Shirley Wind Farm in Brown County.
13 Jul 2012

Wind farm opponents face uphill battle

There are many cases where people living near large turbines have claimed to have suffered negative health effects due to their continuous operation. ...This week there was a small bit of hopeful news for those opposed to the wind farm concept when State Sen. Frank Lasee (R-DePere) suggested that the PUC adjust its rules and move future turbines further away from homes. He also suggests the state take a closer look the possible health impact of wind farms.
13 Jul 2012

The Big Wind Game Plan

We are requesting that the PSC, suspend the rules and reconvene a wind siting council that is not stacked with wind interests. A fair and unbiased commission, a commission that will follow State Statutes. PSC 128 was supposed to take the harmful effects of IWT's into account when they made their setback rules.
9 Jul 2012

Wind turbine opposition mounts; Brown County family tells of daughter's health problems

Because of health problems experienced by families like the Ashleys, state Sen. Frank Lasee, R-Ledgeview, is pressuring the Public Service Commission to change its rules for the construction of wind turbines. "This really is about our government not protecting our citizens," Lasee said Sunday during a news conference at Way-Morr County Park in Morrison, about five miles from wind turbines in Glenmore.
9 Jul 2012

Wind turbine health effects stirs up controversy

State Senator Frank Lasee hosted a news conference in which he detailed the health problems faced by three families who live in proximity to turbines. Lasee says these consistent health complaints include headaches, earaches, dizziness and nausea-all of which subsided after families moved out of the area of the turbines.
8 Jul 2012

Homeowners in Forest get support from county officials

About 20 residents of the Town of Forest attended last week's St. Croix County Health and Human Services Board meeting to seek help in their fight against a wind farm proposal. Forest resident Doris Schmidt told the board members that residents are concerned about possible health issues that may develop among those living close to the 41 wind turbines planned for the township.
30 Mar 2012
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