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Sandra Johnson: There should be a moratorium on wind projects until health questions resolved

For the past 20 months, I and my neighbors have written letters, paid for billboards and testified at hearings appealing to our representatives and State Board of Health for a moratorium until epidemiological studies can be done in Wisconsin wind projects to find the answers needed to help these families and others like them. We are all still waiting.
2 Sep 2011

Layoffs hit Middleton wind tech firm

The Massachusetts-based company is eliminating about 150 positions worldwide due to falling revenues, it announced Wednesday. ...The announcement is a significant blow to the firm, which had been touted in 2009 by President Obama as an example of the growing "green energy" sector in the U.S.
11 Aug 2011

Property rights limited in budget bill

"The majority of condemnations involve small amounts of land taken from ordinary people. Taken together, that adds up to a lot of value that should be protected, and property rights are fundamental to our republic," said Robert Roth, a Menomonee Falls lawyer who specializes in eminent domain cases.
13 Jun 2011

Rapids wind turbine plant on hold

Energy Composites Corp. faced a Friday deadline to either reach an agreement with Wisconsin Rapids or sell the nearly 94 acres back to the city ...As part of the original development agreement, the city would have paid $1.5 million for infrastructure costs and $6,000 for each full-time job the company created on or before Dec. 31, 2012, up to $3.8 million.
2 Apr 2011

Rules may change for wind farm sites

The Legislature's joint committee for review of administrative rules voted earlier this month to temporarily block a wind farm site rule developed by the state Public Service Commission. But that action was only good for 30 days. To keep the rule from taking effect Friday, the committee will meet again Tuesday to consider a bill that would send the issue back to the PSC.
27 Mar 2011

Little Town of Forest's big federal lawsuit

According to Attorney Stoddard, most Town of Forest residents were completely unaware that the former the town board members, who lost a special recall election on February 15, 2011, had approved an agreement in 2008 and another one on August 12, 2010, to proceed with the proposed wind energy project.
26 Mar 2011
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