Library from Virginia

Virginia An open letter to Sen. Frank Wagner of Virginia Beach 13 Jan 2006
Virginia More wind Incentives 13 Jan 2006
Virginia Senator drafts energy policy - The state lawmaker says it's an attempt to reach long-term solutions to energy problems. 9 Jan 2006
Virginia Legislators seek to expand renewable energy use 7 Jan 2006
Virginia A Radar and Visual Study of Nocturnal Bird and Bat Migration at the Proposed Highland New Wind Development Project, Virginia, Fall 2005 6 Jan 2006
Virginia SCC sets wind plan hearings 5 Jan 2006
Virginia In March, push comes to shove 5 Jan 2006
Virginia SCC Sets Hearings On a Proposal To Build A Wind Farm In Highland County 30 Dec 2005
Virginia Energy policy support is sought- It would encourage offshore projects and quick siting for others 16 Dec 2005
Virginia Wind energy suit will go to trial 15 Dec 2005
Virginia Plaintiffs trump county’s bid to dismiss suit 15 Dec 2005
Virginia At last, a shift in the wind 15 Dec 2005
USA Virginia West Virginia Wind energy committee gathers on Wednesday 8 Dec 2005
Virginia 'Green Energy' has place in Virginia, study says 25 Nov 2005
Virginia West Virginia 'Friends of Pendleton' gear up for battle 23 Nov 2005
Virginia Flow Chart on Wind Energy 'Players' in Virginia 18 Nov 2005
Virginia Putting the Spin on Wind 18 Nov 2005
Virginia Dealing with the consequences of folly 18 Nov 2005
Virginia Utility Wind Interest Group to Change Name, Tax Status 17 Nov 2005
Virginia Wind energy's potential - and problems 14 Nov 2005
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