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Wind turbines hazardous to planes

Being a commercial airline pilot myself, I understood and shared my colleague’s concerns. We were not alone — the airport manager expressed grave concerns about the project and the “operational safety and the economic impact it has on the airport.” As a result of what I learned I joined with them to oppose the project. Impacts on aviation were not the only problem with the Ira project.
10 Jan 2016

Giant wind turbines would pose hazard to Vermont airspace, FAA finds

According to a Notice of Presumed Hazard posted on the FAA’s website, the 499-foot-tall wind turbines proposed for Rocky Ridge in Swanton would have “an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference effect upon navigable airspace or air navigation facilities.” The structures exceed federal obstruction standards and therefore are “presumed to be a hazard to air navigation,” the notice states. The blades of the turbines would degrade radar used by Boston Center to regulate air traffic across New England states, New York and part of Pennsylvania.
17 Nov 2015

Lightning strikes and wind turbines

Lightningatlowellmtvt_thumb This recent photo of the wind turbines on Lowell Mountain in northern Vermont in a lightning storm provokes the thoughts of the dangers of forest fires as these machines are erected throughout heavily forested areas in northern New England. 
23 Aug 2015

Fire from windmill seen from Route 8

Flames were visible from Route 8 and a state trooper on patrol called in the alarm. Eight firefighters and an engine were sent to the site. The fiberglass housing that covers the machinery of windmill number four was on fire. ...The windmill is so high in the air that we cannot reach it to perform any type of extinguishment efforts and we cannot be underneath it due to falling debris,” said March.
15 Aug 2015

Lowell wind project: Truck and trailer crash off access road, driver OK

A tractor trailer carrying a boom used to repair a wind turbine blade on Lowell Mountain slid off the steep wind project access road and down an embankment Monday afternoon. The driver of the truck was assisted by members of the Lowell Fire Department ...This is the second accident involving a large truck and trailer carrying large parts for the wind project.
15 Jan 2014

Georgia wind project fined $10,000

The developer of a four-turbine commercial wind project in Milton has agreed to pay a $10,000 fine and contribute $10,000 to a private remediation fund for multiple violations of its state permits during blasting for the nearly complete project.
4 Dec 2012

Lowell wind turbine part tips truck; closes I91 in Vermont

A trailer carrying a 115,000 pound base column for a wind turbine detached from the truck hauling it and rolled off Interstate 91 Southbound in Irasburg near the Orleans exit. Green Mountain Power is trucking parts from Island Pond to Lowell Mountain where it is building 21 turbines on the ridgeline. About 120 truckloads are slated to make the trip through September. Duration 1 minute 48 seconds
20 Jul 2012

Searsburg turbine blades with ice

Searsburgwithice_thumb The Searsburg wind turbines were first erected in 1996. The blades of the turbines at Searsburg are made out of fiberglass. Each 60-foot long blade weighs about 4,250 pounds. To help with ice removal, the blades are black and have a Teflon-like coating. The white on the blades in the photograph shows ice build-up on the blades.
25 Jan 2011
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