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Captured regulators and ruined ridge lines

Vermont’s Public Service Board is clearly a captured agency. Our soon-to-be-former Governor Shumlin is the “capturer-in-chief”.  He is using his office to push for out-of-scale, unwanted and destructive siting of industrial wind turbines regardless of the environmental damage they cause.  
21 Sep 2016

Shumlin faces protest at turbine site

SEARSBURG — Activists opposing industrial wind turbines from all over Vermont greeted Gov. Peter Shumlin on Monday, some with rude signs and gestures, as Avangrid Renewables held a ceremonial groundbreaking for its 20-megawatt Deerfield Wind project.
20 Sep 2016

Swanton Wind developers offer buyouts to neighbors

Wind turbines in Vermont may emit noise no louder than 45 decibels, as measured outside neighboring homes, or 30 decibels measured inside neighboring homes. The Swanton Wind project will for many Fairfield Pond homes produce 30 or fewer decibels as measured outside those homes, Iarrapino said.
11 Sep 2016

Abandoned home of wind turbine sufferers to become wind farm research center

The Therriens abandoned their home in 2014 after living there for two decades because they said the sound and vibrations from the power plant were causing sleepless nights and health problems. When the property recently went up for tax sale, Energize Vermont seized the opportunity to pay off the family’s back taxes and made an agreement to use the property for research purposes.
19 Aug 2016

Windham to hold Nov. vote on wind project

Windham officials have refused to negotiate with Iberdrola, on the advice of the town’s attorney, Robert Fisher of Brattleboro, according to Seawright. To enter into negotiations would send the message that the town has endorsed the project, he said. He said he expected Iberdrola to make a last-minute proposal directly to Windham residents just before the Nov. 8 vote.
17 Aug 2016

Democrats debate on wind power

“For me, that includes, solar hydro and wind. What I believe, though, is that we need to do it the Vermont way. We need to make sure that there is community involvement,” he said. “I’ve made it very clear all along ... that I believe that a community should have an affirmative vote before you go forward with a wind project.”
4 Aug 2016

Because I said so

From all parts of the audience, people rise to question Iberdrola’s team on an array of topics: production of concrete and of low-frequency noise etc. [Team Iberdrola's] programmed response to each question is the same. “Our highly technical scientific experts will explain this highly technical scientific matter at a later date.” Or, “The peer-reviewed literature shows wind turbines have no effect on [whatever concern the questioner has raised].”
22 Jul 2016

Turner wins Grafton Select Board seat; opponent Dougall hospitalized before polls open

Grafton voters went to the polls today and elected John Turner to a Select Board seat left vacant by the resignation of Gus Plummer. But the voting developed an unexpectedly sad tone just before the polls closed this evening as word got out that candidate Don Dougall had been hospitalized this morning and was undergoing surgery, according to board chair Al Sands.
13 Jul 2016
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