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Dueling restraining orders over Lowell Mountain project heard in court

"This is not a nuisance case, this is a trespass case," said attorney Anthony Roisman, summing up the Nelsons' case on Tuesday afternoon. "Does Green Mountain Power have a permit to use any portion of the Nelsons' land as a safety zone for their blasting?" he asked rhetorically. "If they have no right to do so," Roisman continued, "they have no ability to interfere with the Nelsons' use of their property."
27 Oct 2011

Protesters cause delays for Lowell wind project

"It's going to destroy one of the most beautiful and pristine ridge lines in Vermont for a very, very small amount of power in return," says Ben Luce, a wind power protestor. But Wright says this is more than a protest. He and others want to fight GMP on the mountain and in the courts.
27 Oct 2011

U.S. installs over 1,200 MW of wind power in Q3

The U.S. wind industry installed just over 1,200 megawatts (MW) of wind power in the third quarter, and about 3,360 MW on the year so far, the wind industry trade group said Tuesday. ...uncertainty over government policies has many leading wind developers holding off on scheduling projects for 2013, AWEA said.
26 Oct 2011

Battle for Lowell Mountain

The Nelsons aren't done fighting back. They've hired the Norwich law firm Hershenson, Carter, Scott and McGee to fight Green Mountain Power in court, including a contention that part of the land where Green Mountain Power plans to blast is actually owned by the Nelsons. "This is going to be settled in court," Nelson said.
23 Oct 2011

Closed court means no restraining order

Martin said he learned about the judge's order like everyone else in the area -- by reading and listening to news reports. But that isn't enough to give them any authority to go up on the Lowell ridgeline and arrest anyone, he said.
22 Oct 2011

Blown Away

The economic case for wind power is fatally shaky. Too expensive and so unreliable that it requires a duplicate plant for backup. So wind advocates point out that it is hydrocarbon-free. But if you grant the arguments for global warming, these two projects are too small to make a difference and, worse, a serious misallocation of scarce resources.
18 Oct 2011

Nelsons get purchase offer; lawsuit threat

It was a letter from GMP's attorney threatening to sue the Nelsons if they persist in letting "guests" occupy a campsite too close to the top of the project site to permit blasting. The damages GMP would attempt to recover could easily exceed $1-million, the letter said ..."I can take one and a quarter million and run, or be fined a million bucks," Mr. Nelson said Tuesday. “That’s a good way to handle a Vermont farmer on his retirement.”
12 Oct 2011

Renewable energy policy is an expensive illusion

The development of wind power along Vermont's ridgelines has divided Vermonters in a way development issues do not normally split environmentalists. Is Green Mountain Power's Kingdom Community Wind Project planned for Lowell Mountain really a needed investment in our local quest to confront climate change or will it unnecessarily despoil what is at the heart of what Vermonters cherish -- our scenic ridgelines?
12 Oct 2011

Hammond resolution opposes state Article X law

The board voted 3-2 to in favor of the resolution prepared by the Coalition Against Article X. Article X, also known as the Power NY Act, establishes a one-year permitting process for building power plants. Each project would be considered by a seven-member board consisting of five state department heads and two locally appointed community representatives.
12 Oct 2011

A False Choice

In a cynical manipulation of the well-meaning public, which is desperate for progress with renewable energy, gov. Peter Shumlin and GMP are justifying the destruction of the Lowell Mountains as "green" and "local." Shumlin argues that he is diversifying Vermont's energy portfolio, and that this mountain range must be sacrificed because Vermont Yankee is closing. He is giving Vermonters a false choice.
10 Oct 2011

State halts work on Lowell Mountain Wind Project

Construction on the Kingdom Community Wind Project is temporarily on hold after the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources issued a stop-work order. Green Mountain Power, the utility that is building the project, violated part of its Clean Water Act permit when it failed to comply with part of its sediment control plan.
7 Oct 2011

A bright orange line across the mountain

On the other side of that tape there is no quarter for Mother Nature. She's in the way, and so being reformed to suit the needs of the trucks that will climb the mountain with the bits of the machines that will be put together to, in their turn, put together the 21 turbines.
5 Oct 2011
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