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Wind Power: Cutting the Spin (video newscast)

Duration: 4 minutes 23 seconds Clean Wisconsin takes that position because there are no "peer-reviewed" studies that link inaudible noise levels to human illness. "Their argument is a fallacy," countered Sen. Lasee. "Their argument just justifies their actions. Their argument just keeps them getting paid. And I think they're wrong-headed on this." Sen. Lasee is now pushing for more regulations on wind energy that could limit its future growth even more. "What I'd like to do is at the very least, follow the lead of Australia and have a mile and a quarter setback from anybody's property line," said Sen. Lasee.
30 Apr 2013

Juwi Wind Energy struggles with property value impacts

The Board of Zoning Appeals of Tipton County considered Juwi Wind's application for the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm. The Board members were not fooled on the property value question. The permit was approved but with a condition that the project have no impact on surrounding property values. The hearing was called to order at 5:00pm March 20, 2013. This exchange took place at around 1:30am on March 21. The hearing room was filled with residents, most of whom opposed the project.  Duration:4 minutes 40 seconds
1 Apr 2013

"THIS IS OUR LIFE" : What shadow-flicker looks like in Kingston, MA

Dan Alves, a resident of Leland Road, refuses to allow his epileptic son to stay in his bedroom when the KWI Turbine’s shadow flicker penetrates into his house. “That’s pretty much the rule,” Alves told the Journal on Friday afternoon. “We don’t want him in his room but we’re not always home so we can’t control it.” Duration: 4 minutes 56 seconds
16 Mar 2013

No More Subsidies for Wind

Tang Energy Group CEO Patrick Jenevein explains how federal subsidies are hurting the wind industry. Mr. Jenevein caught the attention of many people with his Wall Street Journal opinion piece that described the problem with federal wind subsidies. Duration: 4 minutes 43 seconds
28 Feb 2013

Tainted turbine noise studes in Fairhaven MA

Underneath the two 1.5 megawatt wind turbines in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the whirring sound is unmistakable. Yet, during State-ordered noise testing in October, the turbines were set to spin-only and not to produce electricity. Turbine noise is unmistakably louder when power is being produced. The developer, after denying any manipulation of the turbines to artificially reduce noise levels, in a letter dated February 26, the developer admits a 'mechanical failure' resulted in the turbines not operating as required. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has ordered new studies.  Duration: 4 minutes 40 seconds
28 Feb 2013

Shineldecker Testimony Mason County MI

In this video, Cary Shineldecker of Riverton Township in Mason County MI, testifies about life inside the CMS Energy Lakewinds wind plant which includes 56 Vestas 1.8MW V100 Turbines. Each machine is 476' tall. The closest turbine is 1139 feet from his home. CMS received $73 million in federal stimulus funding for the $255 Million project. The installed cost for this wind project is $2,500/KW which is 25% higher than the national average. This is because MI must use "low wind" wind turbines due to an average 6.5M/s wind resource, far lower than Iowa's 8.5M/s resource. CMS is currently planning a new combined cycle natural gas plant of 700MW capacity with a price tag of $750 million. It will have an average capacity of nearly 700MW or 28 times more capacity than the wind plant for only $1100/KW. Cary's home can be seen here: Duration: 17 minutes 7 seconds
27 Feb 2013

Testing the Winds - Video

Four years ago nine East Bay communities formed a partnership to explore making money from wind turbines, with the help of nearly half a million dollar of public seed money. That, in turn, attracted interest from a private developer and a potential $55 million project of his own. Instead of embracing it, The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation - which provided the seed money - saw it as a threat. And Jim Hummel finds that heading into 2013 the fate of the public project is unclear. Duration: 9 minutes 43 seconds
21 Feb 2013

A Little Time To Plan

Meeting New England's Renewable mandates means thousands of industrial wind turbines erected all along NH's most scenic ridgelines. And Northern Pass proposes 1200 steel towers over 200 miles of NH landscape. How do we know if these destructive projects are worth the cost to thousands of people's livelihoods, property value and the state's tourism if we don't have a comprehensive energy plan for the state? Watch this video to find out what is at stake for the state. A bill is before the New Hampshire legislature seeking a moratorium on wind farm development in the State. Duration: 8 minutes 21 seconds
11 Feb 2013

Take the Turbines Down

Nearly one hundred Falmouth residents attended a Board of Selectmen meeting last night to peacefully protest and speak out against the ongoing operation of three identical industrial wind turbines in the Falmouth Industrial Park. Duration: 33 seconds
26 Jan 2013

Child's birthday disrupted by scituate turbine shadow

A family held hostage by turbine flicker in their own home. Saturday November 10, 2012 as they prepared to celebrate their daughter's birthday with family and friends. This video was sent to the Scituate Massachusetts Board of Health to demonstrate the strobe-like flicker which started at 1:18 pm and was apparent in every room of their home as well as the front and back yards. There was no where for the children or guests to go for relief from the flickering. The flicker stopped at 2:28 pm but only because the turbine was shut down. Duration: 32 seconds
9 Jan 2013
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