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New York Noctural Migrants at Risk - Chautauqua Windplant Fall '03 1 Oct 2003
New York Thanks Neighbor 1 Oct 2003
Pennsylvania Meyersdale Clearcut 1 Oct 2003
New York Nocturnal Migrants at Risk - Chautauqua Wind Farm Fall '03 1 Oct 2003
California Wind Farm in San Gorgonio Pass 14 Sep 2003
New York NYS Reliability Council letter to NYS Department of Public Service re. a retail renewable portfolio standard 8 Sep 2003
New York The wind industry routinely overstates benefits and trivializes negative impacts, which can include: 1 Sep 2003
Maine Windmills in my window 3 Aug 2003
USA U.S. Energy Flow Trends-2001 1 Aug 2003
Kansas Wind farms have no business being in Flint Hills 22 Jul 2003
New York Ed Sliwinski to Rep. Quinn on need for wind energy development criteria 20 Jul 2003
Kansas Wind Industry Development in Wabaunsee County 14 Jul 2003
New Jersey New Jersey Audubon Society's Position Paper On Wind Power Energy 1 Jul 2003
USA Groups Call for Review of Wind Power Wildlife Impacts 24 Jun 2003
USA Grid Impacts of Wind Power: A Summary of Recent Studies in the United States 1 Jun 2003
USA North Carolina Offshore Wind Farm Approval Process, North Carolina 30 May 2003
North Carolina USA Offshore Wind Farm Approval Process, North Carolina 30 May 2003
USA The Effect of Wind Development on Local Property Values 15 May 2003
USA Why CO2 Mandates Won't Work 7 May 2003
USA Evaluating The Costs And Benefits Of Wind Energy- Overstated Benefits and Understated Costs Create False Hopes for Wind Power 5 May 2003
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