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Windmills are not see-saws, study needed

My suggestion is that our state legislature make a proposal: for the state energy commission to study windmill energy on behalf of the state of Vermont. This study can ascertain the effects, both economic and ecological, of placing larger sized windmill "farms" in a few carefully selected locations, where they can be out of view of the most residents and tourists; to assure both ecological and economic responsibility.
3 Feb 2006

Selling Wind

It struck me that the wind farm is scheduled to be operating by 2008, only two years hence. I work on deadlines. I guessed, then, that all during the public hearing process, and the permit-application process, and the permission-to-build process, these guys will be building the project, anyway.
2 Feb 2006

Parker kicks off his campaign for governor

Parker said he was in favor of wind power and while he acknowledged it would sometimes be a hard sell to get the turbines on to some of the state's ridgelines, Parker said he was committed to increasing the number of wind power generators.
2 Feb 2006

International Experience With Implementing Wind Energy

Implementingwindenergy_thumb International Experience With Implementing Wind Energy examines the relative costs, advantages and disadvantages of wind generation. In addition, the report explores infrastructure issues, public attitudes toward wind development, and the various policy instruments used to support the development of wind energy in countries that are leaders in implementing wind energy.
1 Feb 2006
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