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Setting the Record Straight - Montpelier Wind Forum Not as Advertised

The Wind Forum, held at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, and hosted by the group Building for Social Responsibility (BSR) was a big disappointment for those of us who came with questions and who expected an informed discussion. Since we, from Windham and South Londonderry, had a two hour drive, we carefully checked the agenda of the forum on the BSR web site before deciding to attend.
9 Mar 2006

A false sense of security

Even if federal ridge lines were forever protected, and that is a very dangerous assumption, there is sufficient privately-owned mountain terrain here with attractive enough wind scales for developers to significantly downgrade the scenic values that are the backbone of Bath’s economy and the promise of its future. The stakes for Bath could be every bit as high as they are now for Highland.
9 Mar 2006

Mosquitoes something to bat around

There seems to be no good way to properly site these turbines on unspoiled Appalachian mountains without causing irreparable damage. The State Corporation Commission has an opportunity to do the right thing by heeding the growing warnings about negative, cumulative effects its own experts are offering.
9 Mar 2006

Deal would move planned wind farm

SPANISH FORK — Residents, developers and city officials in Spanish Fork are inching closer to a mutual agreement that would relocate a planned wind farm that has generated the ire of homeowners near the area where it was originally planned to be built.
8 Mar 2006

Moving toward energy-efficient future

We strongly believe energy efficiency has a critical role in Vermont's energy future. And we support increasing the budget for efficiency as long as additional dollars are first targeted to areas of the state where additional efficiency investments help avoid costly expenditures on the state's electrical system.
8 Mar 2006
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