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More wind Incentives

The bill is designed to give tax refunds and grants for using clean, efficient energy. One of its provisions would award grants of 0.85 cents for each kilowatt of electricity produced by a corporation from certain renewables, including wind utilities.
13 Jan 2006

Windy Publicity Stunt

One thing it doesn’t mean is that Whole Foods will now get its power from wind. Though press accounts have praised Whole Foods for “going green” with this move, it actually changes next to nothing.
13 Jan 2006

Whole Foods goes with the wind

That will make Whole Foods the only Fortune 500 company to purchase renewable energy credits — which subsidize the production of energy from renewable sources such as wind — to offset 100% of its electricity use, says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says.
9 Jan 2006

Anderson: lobbyists pushing hard for renewable energy

This means, said Anderson, that they are seeking to impose a requirement that all companies purchase a certain amount of their energy from this renewable source. “The problem is that no one wants to buy the energy they are producing because of the high cost involved,” said Anderson. “However, they are pushing hard and I don't know at this time whether they will be successful or not.”
29 Dec 2005
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