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Blackpool (UK)

_42082168_bpoolwind203_thumb Wind turbines are being built on Blackpool's promenade to help power its famous illuminations. Council officials are putting up three turbines initially to work out how cost effective the wind energy will be.
13 Sep 2006

Offshore Wind Turbine To Be

_42066922_turbinealanross203300_thumb Efforts to put the second of two of the world's biggest offshore wind turbines in place near the Beatrice Field in the Moray Firth has been postponed. The first tower and its components were taken by barge from the former oil fabrication yard at Nigg in August. However, the second turbine could not be floated due to poor weather and a heavy barge needed to carry out the task has been diverted to another job.
9 Sep 2006

Shetland Simulation

Aith1_thumb ISLANDERS in Shetland will have the chance for the first time this weekend to see how a 600MW windfarm would affect the isles' landscape. Ever since the massive project was first mooted almost three years ago, public debate has been slow to get started. Today (Saturday 9/2/06) managers behind the Viking Energy project will exhibit computer generated images at the Shetland Showcase Exhibition, in the Lerwick Clickimin Centre. A comprehensive consultation website at, designed to interact with the public, is also to go live at the weekend. The project has already been branded as far too big for Shetland by one local environmental campaigner.
2 Sep 2006

Oldside Wind Plant- Damaged Turbine from Lightning Strike

P7040021.jpg_1_(2)_thumb The Oldside and Siddick windfarms are next to each other on the A596 route down the coast . The road itself runs parallel to the railway line - with the wind plant arranged in another line between the two. The Siddick wind plant is very close to the Carlisle /Workington railway line and poses a real risk to rail traffic for that reason. These turbines are not so close to the railway or the road - but still close enough. Both wind farms have the same sort of turbines and are owned by the same company - Wind Prospect.
1 Jul 2006
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