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UK Storm Callum sends wind turbine crashing into field where prize-winning horses graze 13 Oct 2018
UK Site visit hears opposing views to north wind farm plan 13 Oct 2018
UK Aberdeen Greens join battle against Glendye Windfarm plans 12 Oct 2018
UK If Corbyn ruins our land with wind turbines it would be a monument to his disdain for this country 27 Sep 2018
UK Concerned climbers want impact assessed as north-east cable plans are considered 26 Sep 2018
UK Mammoth wind project planned for north-east coast 22 Sep 2018
UK Caithness villagers say no to ‘ring of steel’ wind farms 19 Sep 2018
UK Plans for wind turbine near Pen-y-Fan Country Park in Caerphilly rejected over visual impact concerns 14 Sep 2018
UK MP rebukes planners and ministers over unpopular windfarm substation proposal 14 Sep 2018
UK Borders councillors reject plans for £8m wind farm near Roberton 4 Sep 2018
UK Trade bodies hit out at UK Government as onshore wind farm numbers set to plummet 27 Aug 2018
Europe Germany UK USA Red light spells danger for bats near wind turbines 27 Aug 2018
Europe Germany UK USA Thousands of bats are killed by wind turbines every year because they are drawn to the blinking red lights used to ward off aircrafts 27 Aug 2018
UK Pines Burn wind farm set to go ahead after appeal 24 Aug 2018
UK Survey prompts fears of new wind farm proposal 17 Aug 2018
UK Turbine burns at Lynemouth wind farm 30 Jul 2018
UK Faulty cable to wind farms costs electricity users millions 29 Jul 2018
UK Wind farm goes to court over grid connection works 23 Jul 2018
UK It’s us or the wind turbines! 19 Jul 2018
UK Britain's turbines are producing 40% less energy as wind 'disappears' for six weeks across the UK causing record low electricity production 18 Jul 2018
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