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Oldside Wind Plant- Damaged Turbine from Lightning Strike

P7040021.jpg_1_(2)_thumb The Oldside and Siddick windfarms are next to each other on the A596 route down the coast . The road itself runs parallel to the railway line - with the wind plant arranged in another line between the two. The Siddick wind plant is very close to the Carlisle /Workington railway line and poses a real risk to rail traffic for that reason. These turbines are not so close to the railway or the road - but still close enough. Both wind farms have the same sort of turbines and are owned by the same company - Wind Prospect.
1 Jul 2006

CAP 764 - CAA Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines

Cap764_thumb Neither aviation nor the wind energy industry is at a steady state and both can be expected to evolve in ways which may impact the other. Therefore, it is expected that this CAP will be a living document, which will be updated to reflect the outcome of any further research into the interaction between wind turbine developments and aviation. It will also be revised at intervals to take account of changes in regulations, feedback from industry, and recognised best practice.
1 Jul 2006

Appeal Decision - Edder Acres Farm, Shotten Colliery

Appeal_decision_thumb A7 Energy's appeal against the Easington District Council for refusing to grant planning permission with respect to a wind plant consisting of 2 x 2.3MW turbines was dismissed by D. L. Burrows, an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The principal reason for dismissal was adverse impact the turbines would have on the activities of Shotten airfield.
2 Jun 2006

Wind Turbine on Fire (2)

Fire.176391.full_thumb A 200ft wind turbine in Wearside which burst into flames on Christmas Eve last year. The 75ft fibreglass blades burnt off and fell to the ground leading police to close two roads close to the tower. Residents from miles around reported thick black smoke emanating from the turbine at the Nissan factory - Inset picture courtesy of Sunderland Echo
18 Jan 2006

Wind Turbine on Fire (1)

Getedimage.aspx_thumb A HUGE wind turbine went up in smoke in a massive blaze seen for miles across Wearside.The 200ft structure at the Nissan factory, part of a £2.3million wind farm built in August, burst into flames just after 12.30pm yesterday. The fire was so fierce all three 75-ft long fibreglass blades eventually dropped off and thick black smoke could be seen for miles around. Almost 200 people dialled 999 to alert emergency crews as flames engulfed the turbine. Police closed both the A1231 and the A19 for an hour-and-a-quarter amid worries that parts of the metal tower could fall on to the busy roads. The six turbines were bought second-hand at a cost of £1.1million, having been previously used on a wind farm in Germany. Graham Bagley, from Nissan, told the Echo in August it did not make financial sense to buy new ones and claimed the turbines were in "excellent condition". A spokesman for Nissan denied the turbines are unsafe. "It is the same design that has been used in wind farms all over the world and as far as we're aware nothing like this has happened before," he said. "If there had been any concerns about the turbines we would never have purchased them. "We're taking this very seriously and until we know what has caused this all six turbines will be shut down." He said engineers from Vestas, the company who manufactured the devices, had been working on the affected turbine since an oil leak was detected on Thursday. "It was the third turbine and is the nearest one to our test track," the spokesman said. "Engineers were repairing it yesterday morning and they had restarted it when the fire started. As far as we are aware it was oil that caught fire and the blades then burnt through. They are made of fibreglass and they burnt right down to the metal shaft before falling off. Nobody was hurt. We have now shut down all the other turbines and engineers are carrying out checks on all of them. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused by this." Both the main roads were reopened at 2pm. A spokeswoman from Tyne and Wear Fire Service said: "We had seven fire engines in attendance and because of the risk of the structure falling onto the A19 police closed the road and the A1231. "The majority of the structure eventually fell away from the road."
24 Dec 2005

Blazing Turbine 'Like a Catherine Wheel'

The turbine which caught fire had been suffering from an oil leak and had been undergoing repairs earlier in the day. Engineers thought they had fixed the problem, but when they tested the turbine it caught fire.
24 Dec 2005
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