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Wind farm put on hold

An application for occupancy of right of way in Custer County for transmission lines for a proposed wind farm has been put on hold while the project looks to work further with neighbors to limit inconveniences to them. ...neighbors in the area of the project complained at a previous meeting of the commission, saying they didn't approve of all the construction, noise and view obstructions that would be a result of the project.
14 Feb 2013

Wind energy losing speed

if wind farms want to continue to grow at the rate they once were, someone's going to have to invest the money to pay for transmission lines. "You know we made that one leap. To make the next leap it's going to require not a hundred million dollar investment on transmission lines like we've been doing, but a multi-billion dollar investment in transmission," Johnson said.
4 Aug 2010

Wind farm power line permit held up

A pending wind farm project hit a snag in Tuesday's Brookings County Commission meeting when a local telecommunications company expressed concern about the wind farm's potential for interfering with phone lines. ..."We have in the past had some experiences with what's referred to as inductive interference that's caused by wind farms and their transmission lines. And it causes the quality of the services that our company to its customers to suffer severely on occasions."
2 Jan 2010
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