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Wind energy study clears state House

State representatives are on a fact-finding mission to determine the impacts of a federal push toward alternative energy, and namely the projected growth of Pennsylvania’s wind turbine industry, as the technology’s long-held reputation as a clean energy source gets a little dirtier.
20 Sep 2014

No Wind Farm

The plan to construct nearly 70 wind turbines in Ulysses and Hector Townships has been scrapped. According to Jim Hoopes, a leaseholder in the project, letters were sent out recently by AES Corporation, the company planning to build the facilities, terminating the rental agreements. Hoopes said about 25 landowners had rental agreements.
13 Mar 2014

Gamesa plant closing; 62 jobs lost; Facility opened in 2006; started layoffs in late 2009

Gamesa USA officials said Tuesday morning it will close the 8-year-old plant, located in the Cambria County Industrial Park, as the company looks to move south and west. The Madrid-based company said the move was necessary to keep energy costs low and maintain a strong market presence. Gamesa's business model, which relied heavily on federal green-energy and tax-credit subsidies, was not sustainable - even with a favorable local business environment.
29 Jan 2014

Jousting over wind farm extends beyond court; Wyoming County landowners caught in crossfire of $56M legal dispute

A $56 million court battle over costly delays to the Mehoopany Wind Farm last year has a contractor sparring with BP Wind Energy in two states, with subcontractors and area landowners caught in the crossfire. Colorado-based RES Americas filed suit against BP Wind and a related firm in Wyoming County Court, seeking $56,189,303 that the contractor says it is owed.
29 Jun 2013

Wind-energy producers eye Bethlehem watershed for turbine farm

While the deal would allow Iberdrola up to 10 years to study the area and obtain licenses and permits for the turbines, Repasch said he would likely know which direction the city was heading within five years. The agreement calls for Iberdrola to pay $10,000 a year during the permitting and studying phases and $100,000 a year by the fifth year.
22 Feb 2013

Lull in orders for Bucks wind-turbine plant

But after Gamesa completes the order for 25 windmills, around the end of February, there are no other jobs in the pipeline for the company's seven-year-old factory in Fairless Hills. The domestic market for new wind turbines has stalled. "We probably won't see any orders for several months," said David J. Rosenberg, the vice president of marketing for Gamesa.
3 Feb 2013

BP variance application denied

Zoning board Chairman Larry Umholtz, and members Jim Artz and John Johns voted December 12 for the denial, following a hearing that lasted a little more than an hour and included testimony from citizens and BP representatives. ..."We, the board, do not feel BP has shown justification for this variance to be granted."
20 Dec 2012

E.ON Sells Half of U.S. Wind Parks to PensionDanmark

EON AG agreed to sell a 50 percent stake in three U.S. wind farms to Danish pension fund PensionDanmark as Germany's biggest utility seeks to free up capital. ..."The return is very similar to what we can get on listed equities, though with a very limited downside risk," thanks to fixed prices negotiated on the power generated by the turbines over the next 15 years."
8 Oct 2012

Bats may be given endangered status

Possible measures would include seasonable restrictions on timber cutting in areas with bat maternity sites, restrictions on human entry in areas where bats are hibernating and restrictions on wind turbine operations, also identified in a contributing factor in bat mortalities.
21 Aug 2012

Gamesa to lay off 92 at Bucks plant

The news follows a May announcement that Gamesa would halt the installation of a test wind turbine that it had been planning off the coast of Virginia. The company said it was "extremely difficult" to justify the cost of the project due to the lack of a mature offshore wind-energy market in the U.S.
6 Jul 2012

Gamesa lays off 73 Cambria workers

A total of 165 employees at Gamesa's production facilities in Bucks and Cambria counties are expected to be laid off starting in late August or early September, Gamesa spokesman David Rosenberg said. "Basically, we're adjusting our production capacity at the two facilities to reflect the current U.S. market conditions," Rosenberg said.
4 Jul 2012
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