Documents from Pennsylvania

Maryland Pennsylvania Virginia West Virginia Ecological impacts of wind energy development on bats: questions, research needs, and hypotheses 6 Aug 2007
Pennsylvania Juniata Valley Audubon position on industrial wind development in Blair County, PA 1 Jul 2007
Pennsylvania Biological Survey responds to PA Game Commission wind energy voluntary cooperation agreement 1 Jun 2007
Pennsylvania Wind Turbine Blade Safety Questioned After Damages 22 Mar 2007
Maryland Maine Minnesota New Hampshire New York Pennsylvania Virginia Vermont West Virginia Bird and Bat Studies Conducted at Proposed or Existing Windpower Facilities 1 Mar 2007
Pennsylvania Antis Township wind turbine ordinance (PA) 11 Dec 2006
Pennsylvania Tyrone Township wind energy ordinance (PA) 6 Oct 2006
USA Pennsylvania Throwing Caution to the Wind: the growing threat of Industrial Wind Energy Development in Pennsylvania to Wildlife, Habitat and Public Lands 1 Oct 2006
Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia West Virginia Maps of In-Service, Under Construction & Under Study Wind Projects in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois 4 May 2006
Pennsylvania Model Ordinance for Wind Energy Facilities in Pennsylvania 2 May 2006
Pennsylvania Meyersdale Wind Generation Facility - Acoustic Noise Generated by Wind Turbines 24 Dec 2005
Pennsylvania Jon Boone on the DVD "Life Under a Windplant" 5 Aug 2005
Pennsylvania Wind Power in Pennsylvania: It Isn’t Easy Being Green 1 Jul 2005
Pennsylvania West Virginia Capacity Factor: Three PA and 1 WV Wind Plants 8 Feb 2005
Pennsylvania Letter to County Commissioners (Meyersdale, PA) re. noise 15 Mar 2004
Pennsylvania West Virginia Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative 1 Jan 2004
Pennsylvania West Virginia Relationships between Bats and Wind Turbines in Pennsylvania and West Virginia: An Assessment of Fatality Search Protocols, Patterns of Fatality, and Behavioral Interactions with Wind Turbines 1 Jan 2004
Pennsylvania Letter to Meyersdale Windpower re. the 'Endangered Species Act' 9 Dec 2003
Pennsylvania correspondence on Bat Kill re. Meyersdale Windplant 29 Oct 2003
Pennsylvania Investment in Wind yields negligible Environmental Benefits 1 Jan 2003
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