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Turbulence in the Grande Ronde Valley

And the Antelope Ridge wind farm is anything but discreet: 164 spinning turbines each up to 475 feet tall would be strung across more than 40,000 mountainous acres at a cost of about $600 million. Not surprisingly, this bucolic piece of Oregon is torn up about it.
9 Nov 2010

Surplus wind and hydro power have BPA looking for solutions

"So the wind parties are basically saying we have this production tax credit, so if you displace us with your hydropower, you ought to pay us. The situation is then, if we do pay them is that Northwest rate payers in effect would be paying for a production tax credit that Congress intended the US taxpayer to pay because it happened nationally.
8 Nov 2010

Eastern Oregon residents near wind farms express health concerns over noise, lights, stress

"You can't imagine the stress it's caused," said Dennis Wilkinson of Cove, organizer of Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley, a political action group that opposes the Antelope Ridge project. He attended the Pendleton listening session, which drew about 30 people. Due largely to his group's efforts, Union County voters formally opposed construction of Antelope Ridge by a slim 52 percent to 48 percent vote in Tuesday's general election.
6 Nov 2010

Oregon county tells wind farm to quiet down

The county gave the wind farm operator six months to come into compliance. Neither side of the noise debate is pleased. The wind farm neighbors don't want to wait six months or more for peace and quiet. The energy company says it intends to keep generating wind power while it pursues its legal options.
28 Oct 2010

Citizens should take time to attend listening sessions

The Oregon State Health Department has decided it is time to look into possible human health effects from industrial wind turbines. They have announced their steering committee will be comprised of wind farm developers, community members, the Department of Energy and Oregon's energy facility siting council, which oversees new industrial wind facility locations.
26 Oct 2010

Oregon wind energy too much to handle

But with more than two dozen new Oregon or Washington wind farms under construction or in the permitting stage, the BPA may soon be compromising the reliability of its hydropower facilities, said Doug Johnson, a spokesman for the agency. The BPA expects that by 2012 its capacity will fall short of the required reserve amount. "The more wind that comes onto the grid, the harder it becomes to balance those resources with our hydropower."
27 Sep 2010

PGE asks to sidestep public bidding to build 68,000 acre Oregon wind farm

Bob Jenks, executive director of the Citizen's Utility Board of Oregon is concerned whether PGE has the financial wherewithal to build a such a large wind farm while pursuing other projects, including a transmission line it has proposed across the Cascades and the possible need for replacement generation if it goes ahead with an early shutdown of its coal-fired power plant near Boardman.
23 Sep 2010

Breaking Out of the Wind Ghetto

The same storms also brought wind. Bonneville has added 5,000 megawatts of wind power in the last few years, and it is mostly concentrated in the Columbia River Gorge in what is known as the "wind ghetto." As a result, at any given moment, almost all of the wind machines in Bonneville's territory are either running or not running. In June, they were running.
23 Sep 2010

US FWS Comments on Summit Ridge Wind project

2010__efsc_asc_summit_ridge_final_cmts_09-20-10_thumb This important report prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bend Field Office was submitted to the Energy Facility Siting Officer of the Oregon Department of Energy in reference to the proposed Summit Ridge Wind project. The project to be located in Wasco County Oregon, will include up to 87 wind turbines for a total generating capacity of approximately 200 megawatts. While much of the project site is agricultural land used for dry land winter wheat production, the proposed facility would be built on land one to four miles west of the Deschutes River Canyon extending from river mile 7 on the north end of the project boundary to river mile 31 on the south end. The Service expresses its concern regarding short and long-term Project impacts to migratory birds including bald and golden eagles and bats. Golden eagles, large stick nests, and bald eagles were recently documented in the project vicinity.
20 Sep 2010

Wind war in Union County

Jed Farmer has become accustomed to seeing elk raise their young in the foothills. Soon, however, those foothills could be covered in turbines, driving elk into the valley floor's farms, where they will most likely be shot by property owners, Farmer said. Farmer, a member of the Union County Planning Commission, regrets voting yes to Elkhorn Valley. He recently joined Wilkinson's group Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley.
10 Sep 2010

Let’s not spoil Gorge’s gorgeous views

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the few remaining places in the nation where some of the Lewis and Clark landscape remains today as it existed more than two centuries ago. Every year a little bit of that beauty is sliced off to allow man-made blights. This means we must witness the slow extinction of the grandeur of the Gorge.
8 Sep 2010
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