Library from Ontario

Ontario Township to province: take them down 5 Mar 2014
Ontario Will Bow Lake wind farm interfere with Environment Canada? 28 Feb 2014
Ontario MPP Scott calls for moratorium on wind projects 25 Feb 2014
Ontario Wind turbines may limit growth of airport: MP 25 Feb 2014
Ontario Court favours wind turbines over Blanding's turtle 21 Feb 2014
Ontario Expropriation still looms in Dufferin County 20 Feb 2014
Ontario Lambton's unwilling host declaration gives anti-turbine groups a boost 16 Feb 2014
Ontario Unwilling host declaration born from frustration 14 Feb 2014
Ontario Residents demand wind permit cancellation; Group says turbine setbacks were violated 13 Feb 2014
Ontario Plympton-Wyoming's wind turbine bylaws challenged 10 Feb 2014
Ontario MTO investigating how wind turbine tower fell from truck 4 Feb 2014
Ontario Decision by Environmental Review Tribunal expected Monday 26 Jan 2014
Ontario Wind turbines a concern for rural Ontario; Bayshore Broadcasting poll reveals listeners and readers worried about Green Energy Act 26 Jan 2014
Ontario Wind farm appeal will follow strict protocol 25 Jan 2014
Ontario Strathroy Wescast To Close Says MPP 23 Jan 2014
Ontario Wind farm lawsuit 21 Jan 2014
Ontario Turtles vs turbines case goes to court 21 Jan 2014
Ontario Hydro export costing Ontario customers: NDP 21 Jan 2014
Ontario Ontario paid $1 billion to dump excess electricity in 2013, NDP claims 20 Jan 2014
Ontario P.E.I. arenas say their new wind turbines an expensive ‘burden,’ want them removed 17 Jan 2014
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