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Don’t take wind money, committee told

As long as people have health concerns while living close to wind turbines, the wind energy company shouldn’t be putting money into the community, said Gary Fohr, a member of the community liaison committee related to two wind energy projects in Grey Highlands. “We don’t want their money . . . I don’t see a reason why somebody from Flesherton would show up looking for that money."
1 Mar 2017

Brant pulls plug on wind turbine projects

The corporate development committee has overwhelmingly supported a resolution that council will not support motions of support from any proponent seeking a FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) contract that would result in the construction of industrial wind turbines in the county.
16 Feb 2017

Clearview residents halt wind turbine development

While WPD Canada has been granted a remedy hearing to present how the company plans to mitigate its eight-turbine Fairview Wind project from affecting the local population of the little brown bat, opponents to the project still hope the Environmental Review Tribunal will revoke the project’s renewable energy application.
2 Jan 2017

Bungled wind farm deal destroys green dreams

Ontario's government signed an electricity deal with an American company to build a wind farm at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, froze the project, and then wanted to treat its decision like an uncontrollable act of God to get out of the contract, an international panel found in a ruling saying such behaviour is not OK.
12 Dec 2016

North Stormont and La Nation fight wind farm project

On Friday, Dec. 2, promised to ask Premier Kathleen Wynne to withdraw her support for the Nation Rise wind farm project. The project would see wind farms constructed in North Stormont and South Nation. Representatives from both areas say they do not want the wind farms and have thousands of signed petitions to back them up.
5 Dec 2016

University prof investigates lifespan of wind turbines

Carriveau notes that most of the province’s turbines are at the mid-life point of what is generally considered to be a 20-year life cycle. Many are also operating under provincially guaranteed power purchase agreements that also expire at the 20-year mark. “These guys are really interested in knowing what’s going to happen on the other side of the power purchase agreements.” 
24 Oct 2016

Bad actors

Untethered by accountability to its voters and deaf to its ministries’ advice and counsel, provincial Liberals have made a terrible mess of the energy supply system in Ontario. It will take decades to fix. It has squandered billions of dollars chasing schemes unworthy of a Nigerian postmark. ...Meanwhile, it has made a select group of developers very, very wealthy.
21 Oct 2016

Wind power debates continue

The survey determined that 43 per cent of people do not like turbines, 43 per cent do and the remaining 14 per cent don’t know. Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs said she hears more negative comments and concerns than positive remarks.
16 Jul 2016

Ontario municipality acted in bad faith in thwarting private wind turbine project, court rules

The Appeal Court rejected the city’s arguments, finding that provincial legislation — such as laws on renewable energy — supersedes municipal bylaws where there’s a conflict. “The only concerns a municipality can advance are reasonable considerations such as costs, indemnification, and liability, and only so long as it does so in good faith,” the Appeal Court said. “Permits may not be refused simply because the municipality disagrees with the overall project.”
23 Jun 2016

Ontario energy policy about 'hugging the tree huggers,' writer says

While working in the solar industry, Truman said, “We all made fun of wind, which blows at the wrong time and doesn't blow when it's needed, is intermittent and needs expensive backup generation idling away.” Truman said one of his pastimes over the years was taking pictures of abandoned, decaying wind turbines he was encountered on travels from Hudson Bay to Hawaii.
13 Jun 2016
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