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Project not affected

J.P. Morgan has announced its stake in a $220 million funding package for the Chisholm View Wind Project will not be affected by a $4.4 billion second-quarter loss. The investment firm announced last Friday it took a $4.4 billion second-quarter loss in investments made by the company's Chief Investment Office in London.
19 Jul 2012

Wind farm gets federal judge's OK despite Osage tribe's concerns

A federal judge has ruled that St. Louis-based Wind Capital Group LLC's proposed wind farm in northern Oklahoma can go forward over objections that it would interfere with the Osage Nation's ability to produce oil and gas from the same lands. The ruling issued Thursday afternoon by U.S. District Judge Gregory Frizzell in Tulsa, Okla., comes just a day after the opening of a trial in the case.
17 Dec 2011

Osage Nation files lawsuit in opposition to wind farm

The Osage Nation is concerned that 94 wind turbines and their network of electrical lines and roads would interfere with oil production and harm the delicate ecosystem of the tallgrass prairie. The complaint says each of the turbines would require extensive digging to create deep pits containing concrete foundations similar to those required in the construction of tall buildings.
19 Oct 2011

Energy plant construction stalled, not dead

Word, Eagle Claw president, said sluggish economic conditions and Washington gridlock contributed to private investors' hesitation to fund the alternative-energy project. The political fallout from the federal investigation of Solyndra, a California company that makes solar panels, didn't help either.
16 Oct 2011

Osage County ranchers fight wind farm development

Osage Nation and local ranchers say they don't oppose green energy. But building wind farms in the county will do more harm than good. The sprawling land of Osage County is home to oil fields and cattle ranches. Old industries are being threatened by new technology. Wind Capital Group wants to put up nearly 100 wind turbines.
7 Sep 2011

Proposed wind farm over Osage County not approved by BIA

Proposed wind farm development in Osage County may interfere with the Osage Nation's mineral estate, according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. ..."Thus, the mineral estate cannot be denied reasonable access to the surface, and may, indeed, use so much of the surface estate as may be necessary to develop and produce the minerals."
17 Aug 2011

Osage County board approves wind farm plan

Wind Capital plans to start building within a few months and has signed a deal to buy the turbines from General Electric. The turbines will stand mostly north of U.S. 60, a highway that is federally designated a scenic byway, but a few will flank the road to the south. ...The Osage Nation is powerfully opposed to the wind farm and vowed to stop it.
12 Aug 2011

Osage Nation to oppose wind farm development in Osage County

It is my opinion that the proposed projects will have an adverse impact upon the overall ecosystem of the Tallgrass Prairie, a true national treasure. The last remnants of the Tallgrass Prairie run from Osage County northward, into northern Kansas and I believe that the Osage Nation must join others in its protection, restoration, and properly make use of the limited opportunities.
14 Jun 2011
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