Library from Oklahoma

Oklahoma Assessment upheld in wind farm hearing 28 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Blowin' in the wind: Turbine developments’ impact on military training being debated 23 Jul 2017
Oklahoma The public deserves to know problem 22 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Wind farms hamper the military 20 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Blade from wind turbine falls into Oklahoma man’s cornfield 19 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Wind farms jeopardize military flight training, agency chief says 5 Jul 2017
USA Oklahoma Researchers found they could hack entire wind farms 29 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Experimental wind turbine near Hooker collapses 20 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Oklahoma Blade Break at NextEra Breckinridge Site 7 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Blade breaks off wind turbine east of Enid 1 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Federal judge dismisses wind company lawsuit filed against Hinton 13 May 2017
Oklahoma Another area wind farm 13 May 2017
USA Oklahoma The coming threat from US wind states 10 May 2017
Oklahoma Wind companies should pay sales tax 7 May 2017
Oklahoma Osage Nation wins partial victory in case against wind development 2 May 2017
USA Michigan Oklahoma Ontario Missouri Big ‘Green’ and Mean: A Wind-Energy Giant Attacks Small-Town America 2 May 2017
Oklahoma Caddo County couple fighting against wind turbines 27 Apr 2017
Oklahoma Frank Keating “Big Mistake” 60 Sec. Ad 24 Apr 2017
Oklahoma Business Viewpoint with Osage Chief Standing Bear: Wind farms cause cultural, economic damage 23 Apr 2017
Oklahoma Enel starts construction of Red Dirt wind project in Oklahoma 19 Apr 2017
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